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Mission and Vision


The Communication and Media Department develops professional communicators through a theoretical and applied approach within a liberal arts context.


To excel in communication education by creating an open an collaborative environment;
To embrace innovation and integrity by providing both classroom and experiential learning opportunities;
To produce tomorrow’s industry professionals, civic leaders, and life-long learners who can make a difference in a diverse and global society.

Our Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Departmental Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations/Advertising, and Radio/Television Programs

At the completion of their degree program students enrolled in one of the mass communication majors will be able to:

Learning Outcome #1: To demonstrate critical thinking skills;

Learning Outcome #2: To demonstrate creative and expressive ability;

Learning Outcome #3: To communicate professionally and appropriately for various contexts;

Learning Outcome #4: To understand ethical and/or legal issues and apply them appropriately;

Learning Outcome #5: To communicate competently using different communication channels (written, oral, digital/technological);  

Learning Outcome #6: To demonstrate engagement as professionals and citizens at the local, national, or global level.

Learning Outcomes for the Master of Arts in Communication

Graduates from the Master of Arts in Communication program should know or be able to demonstrate the following student learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome #1: Knowledge of communication processes.

Learning Outcome #2: Knowledge of communication theories.

Learning Outcome #3: Knowledge of communication research methodologies.