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The University of Southern Indiana's faculty employment policies can be found in the USI Faculty Handbook and the USI Employee Handbook.

Questions regarding USI employment policies should be directed to Human Resources.

See the College of Liberal Arts' Context and Criteria for Faculty Evaluation, Second Edition, Revised (Green Book). English Department faculty are subject to additional policies.

College of Liberal Arts Tenure and Promotion Portfolio 2022 Checklist

Instructor Review Process and Dossier Guidance

Information on faculty absence, sabbatical leave, leaves of absence, and promotion can be found in the Provost's Office. See the Faculty Forms page for links to personnel forms and the Faculty Annual Reporting Form.

The College of Liberal Arts requires reference checks on all part-time faculty hires.

The following criteria relate to this policy:

  1. A reference check is required for the hiring of all part-time faculty.
  2. The minimum requirement is contact with the candidate’s most recent supervisor.
  3. The reference check should be made by the department chair or program director and recorded as a written document.
  4. Reference check forms are accessible on the Liberal Arts website.
  5. The Dean’s Office must have a copy of the written reference report prior to preparing a contract request.
  6. A copy of the reference check will be kept in the faculty member’s personnel file.
  7. Continuing part-time faculty who have a reference check in their file will not need further reference checks unless requested by the provost, dean, human resources director, or department chair.