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Dr. Dobersek's Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Dobersek, U., & Archer, E. (2022). Dietary dilemmas. Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases.

  • Dobersek, U., Teel., K., Altmeyer, S., Adkins, J., Wy, G., & Peak, J. (2021). Meat and mental health: A meta-analysis of meat consumption, depression, and anxiety. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 10.1080/10408398.2021.1974336
  • Filho, E., Dobersek, U. Husselman, T.-A. (2021). The role of neural efficiency, transient hypofrontality and neural proficiency in optimal performance in self-paced sports: A meta-analytic review. Experimental Brain Research.
  • Dobersek, U., Wy, G. C, Stallings, B. G, Case, C. R., & Maner, J. (2020). Does exercise make me more valuable? Exploring the Relation between Exercise Frequency and Mate Value. Evolutionary Psychological Sciences. 10.1007/s40806-020-00270-w
  • Dobersek, U., Wy, G., Adkins, J., Altmeyer, S., Krout, K., Lavie, C., & Archer, E. (2020). Meat and mental health: A systematic review of meat abstention and depression, anxiety, and related phenomena. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 1-14.
  • Zach, S., Dobersek, U., Filho, E., Inglis, V., & Tenenbaum, G. (2018). A meta-analysis of mental imagery effects on post-injury functional mobility, perceived pain, and self-efficacy. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 34, 79-87.
  • Dobersek, U., & Jeffery, K. A. (2018). Self-objectification in the fitness center environment: A qualitative perspective. Pamukkale Journal of Sport Sciences, 9(2), 52-72. doi:
  • Dobersek, U., & Arellano, D. L.  (2018). Examining shyness and self-esteem in athletes and non-athletes. American Journal of Psychological Research 11(1), 5-55. Retrieved from
  • Dobersek, U., & Arellano, D. L. (2017). Investigating the relationship between emotional intelligence, involvement in collegiate sport, and academic performance. The Sport Journal. Retrieved from
  • Filho, M. E., Dobersek, U., Gershgoren, L., Becker, B. J., & Tenenbaum. G. (2014). The cohesion-performance relationship in sport: A 10-years retrospective meta-analysis. Sport Sciences for Health. 1-14. doi: 10.1007/s11332-014-0188-7
  • Eklund, R. C., Jeffery, K. A., Dobersek, U., & Cho, S. (2011). Reflections on qualitative research in sport psychology. Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise, 3(3), 285-290. doi: 10.1080/2159676X.2011.607183
  • Dobersek, U., & Bartling, C. (2008). Connection between personality type and sports. American Journal of Psychological Research1, 21-28. Retrieved from

Book Chapters

  • Dobersek, U., & Eklund, R. C. (2018). Social physique anxiety and muscle dysmorphia. In S. Razon, & M. L. Sachs (Eds.), Applied exercise psychology: The challenging journey from motivation to adherence.
  • Pargman, D., & Dobersek, U. (2018). Physical activity during aging. In S. Razon, & M. L. Sachs (Eds.), Applied exercise psychology: The challenging journey from motivation to adherence. 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Presentations

  • Dobersek, U., McKibban, A. & Uebelhor, E. (2022). Binary and Beyond: Age preferences in partner selection among bisexual, gay, and heterosexual persons. The NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Mayol, H. M., Griepenstroh, M., Dobersek, U., & Beekley, M. D. (2022). Exploring the effects of perceived coach and parent caring on self-esteem among NCAA Division II student-athletes. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.
  • Dobersek, U., Husselman, T.-A., & Filho, E. (2021). A meta-analytical review of optimal performance in self-paced sports: A psychophysiological perspective. International Society of Sport Psychology World Congress, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Dobersek, U., Bennett, R., Uebelhor, E., Altmeyer, S., Stallings, B., & Adkins, J. (2021). Are females more stressed than males? Sex differences in stress response to an objectified environment. Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference, Las Vegas, CA.