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Field education (also called practicum, fieldwork, field experience, or internship) is the hands-on training portion of your BSW/MSW program. It is a chance for you to test the waters, to make mistakes in a supportive learning environment and find your niche within the diverse array of social work career options. 

For USI social work, field education is the signature pedagogy. Specifically, the fundamental way future social work practitioners are educated in their new profession. In field education, students are instructed in critical aspects of the three fundamental dimensions of professional work - to think, to perform, and to act with integrity as a professional social worker.

It is critical, for students and faculty alike, to be well versed in this essential component of USI's social work curriculums, detailed below.


Internships: Department of Labor Regulations, and Social Work Field Education

Department of Labor Fact Sheet 

Field Manual


Personal Safety in Field

Supervising Social Work Interns PDF

Supervising Social Work Interns, Training Video