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USI liberal arts degrees build the skills that employers seek.

Employer surveys show that liberal arts degrees are in high demand. Today's employers place high value on strong communication, critical thinking, complex problem solving, information literacy and other elements of a traditional liberal arts education.

You won't find a better environment for a liberal arts degree than the University of Southern Indiana's College of Liberal Arts. At USI, you'll find all the benefits of a big university along with the intimacy and personal touch of a small liberal arts college.

Get the intimacy of a small liberal arts college in a big campus setting.

All of USI's liberal arts degree programs feature:

  • Small class sizes: Most liberal arts courses have 30 or fewer students. Your classmates and professors will know you by name.
  • Dedicated faculty: You'll take all your liberal arts courses with experienced faculty. USI liberal arts faculty are highly accessible to students and make teaching their No. 1 priority.
  • Practical experience: Our liberal arts degrees integrate traditional classroom learning with internships, fieldwork, applied research, overseas study and other forms of direct experience.
  • Superior programming: At the College of Liberal Arts, you can get involved in award-winning broadcast and theatre programs, as well as publications, concerts, art exhibitions, lecture series and more.

As a liberal arts student at USI, you'll develop skills and experience that stand out in the job market and on graduate school applications. To find out how the College of Liberal Arts can prepare you for the best career opportunities, contact USI Admissions at 800-467-1965.

USI offers more than 20 liberal arts bachelor's degrees and five Master's degrees.

USI's College of Liberal Arts offers more than 20 undergraduate academic degrees and five Master's degree programs. Visit the liberal arts department pages to explore USI's liberal arts majors—and learn about the wide range of career opportunities that today's liberal arts majors enjoy.

Contact USI Admissions at 800-467-1965 for more information about the College of Liberal Arts major programs and degrees.