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USI's pre-med program offers unique opportunities

USI offers better, more personalized pre-med advising than you’ll find in most other pre-med programs. You’ll work closely with your pre-med advisor to choose courses, extracurricular projects and pre-professional activities that strengthen your medical school candidacy.

Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate

Our Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate offers you a directed curriculum to help you organize your Pre-Medical Training. Available for Undergraduates, Post-Baccalaureats, and Non-Degree Seeking Students, click for more information!

BMD Scholarship

The Bachelor of Medicine, B/MD program is a dual program offered through the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana University School of Medicine. Accepted applicants receive full undergraduate tuition to USI and a provisional seat at the IU School of Medicine. Additional prerequisites may be required.

Do you have questions about your path to Medical School? Questions about Applications or the MCAT? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about all the steps you need to take to reach your goals!

Pre-Med FAQs

USI’s pre-med program has an outstanding record of high MCAT scores.

USI pre-med students score well above the national average on the MCAT. As a USI pre-med student you’ll be able to:

Log extensive hours in our medical and scientific labs.

Get hands-on experience with some of the advanced technology you'll encounter in medical school.

Take all your pre-med courses from dedicated teaching faculty—never graduate assistants.

Take advantage of practice MCATs, mock interviews, and other application preparation help.

For questions about Pre-Med preparation in the Chemistry or Biochemistry majors, please contact:

For questions about Pre-Med preparation in the Biology major, please contact:

Rebecca Sparks-Thissen
Dr. Rebecca Sparks-Thissen
Associate Professor of Biology
Contact: 812-465-1642
Science Center 1283


Contact Dr. Zane Mitchell


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