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  • Excellent preparation for students seeking any medical based pre-professional degree.
  • Available to students of any major and non-degree seeking students.
  • Pre-Professional advising and guidance.
  • Preparation for pre-professional exams.


Students pursuing the Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate will complete a range of coursework that will prepare students for pre-professional examinations and application to professional school. These courses include:     

    • Biol 141 - Principles of Biology
    • Chem 261 & Chem 262 - General Chemistry I & II
    • Chem 353 & 354 - Organic Chemistry I & II
    • Biol 334 - Cell Biology
    • Biol 434 (Macromolecules & Metabolism) or Chem 431 (Biochemistry I)
    • Phys 175 & 176 with labs - Physics I & II (or Phys 205 & 206 with labs)
    • Psy 201 - Introduction to Psychology
    • Soc 121 - Introduction to Sociology
    • 5-8 hours of Biology or Chemistry Electives*

*A list of qualifying electives can be found in the USI Bulletin

*These electives must be unique from a student's BS or BA degree program (ie. they cannot double dip with your major).

*Electives are selected in consultation with a Certificate advisor in order to help each student prepare for their chosen speciality.

Students must maintain a 3.00 GPA or higher in all certificate coursework.

Student Support & Advising

Certificate students are eligible for Financial Aid* as well as the full range of student support offered by USI. Pre-Professional students have access to a wide range of discipline-specific advising, including:

    • Mock MCAT and other pre-professional exams
    • HON 291 - A course aimed to help students prepare for their intended careers and applications.**
    • Advisors that specialize in each pre-professional discipline.

*While the Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate is a Financial Aid Eligible program, Financial Aid eligibility is particular to each student's circumstances and should be individually confirmed with the USI Financial Aid office.

**Enrollment in HON 291 contingent on instructor approval.

How to Declare the Certificate

You can add the Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate by contacting the registrar's office and filling out the appropriate form:

  • For Degree-Seeking students (you have already declared a major):
    • You need to complete the Change of Academic Program form. Available in the Biology Office or from the Registrar.
    • On the form you should enter "Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate" in the "Add Major" section.
    • Submit the form to the Biology Office.
  • For Non-Degree Seeking students (you are taking classes, but have not declared a major or degree):
    • By adding the Pre-Medical Sciences Certificate, you will now be declaring a program at USI.
    • You need to complete the Change of Status form. This is available from the Registrar.
    • Change of your status to a Degree-Seeking student will require that you submit High School and College transcripts. Contact the Registrar for more information.
    • Submit the form to the Biology Office.

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