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  • 2020-10 Faculty Achievements Presentation
    subheading titleRecognizing our faculty: Presentations.

    Scott Anderson, Dr. Xue Han, Dr. Srishti Srivastava, and Wendy Wooldridge recently delivered research/conference or community presentations. Read about these and other faculty achievements.

  • 2020-10 Faculty Achievements Accepted
    subheading titleRecognizing our faculty: Articles accepted.

    Dr. Brett Bueltel, Dr. Jack Smothers, Dr. Thomas Weber and Dr. Jinsuk Yang recently had research articles accepted. Read about these and other achievements.

  • 2020-10 Faculty Achievements Published
    subheading titleRecognizing our faculty: Publications.

    Dr. Brett Bueltel, Dr. Cristina Gilstrap, Dr. Mark McKnight, Dr. Curtis Price and Dr. Sabinah Wanjugu recently had research articles published. Read about these and other achievements.

Faculty Achievements

Han presents at IEEE/ACM international conference

Dr. Xue Han, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, presented "Reproducing Performance Bug Reports in Server Applications: The Researcher's Experiences" at the 35th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering in September 2020.

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