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ATI is a comprehensive program that assists in identification of student mastery of content (level 2 proficiency) in the undergraduate nursing program and prepares the student for the NCLEX exam. Most nursing courses have an assigned ATI exam(s) which may be administered outside of the regularly scheduled class time. Each test will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

The ATI content exams (first time taking exam) will constitute 5% of the course grade in most circumstances. In order to be awarded the full ATI points, the student must achieve the Level 2 proficiency on the first attempt. The student who does not achieve the Level two proficiency on the first attempt but does so on the retake will be awarded half of the initial ATI points. The student who fails to achieve the Level 2 proficiency on the ATI retake will receive no points for the ATI exam. The distribution of points for completion of an ATI exam will be delineated in each course syllabus.

A student who fails to achieve a minimum level of mastery of content on the first attempt will be strongly encouraged to complete additional study and testing. Suggestions for remediation materials include ATI books, online learning modules, and a non-proctored online ATI examination. The student will be expected to continue to utilize non- proctored exams in preparation for a second proctored exam. The scheduling of the second proctored exam will be coordinated by the Course Coordinator or faculty designee.

The following ATI exams will be taken:

  • Nursing 246 – Self Assessment Inventory (will not count in the course grade)
  • Nursing 357 – Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Nursing 363 – Mental Health Nursing Care
  • Nursing 364 – Nursing Care of Children
  • Nursing 455 – Population-Focused Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 456 – Maternal Newborn
  • Nursing 461 - Pharmacology for Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 468 – Medical Surgical Nursing Care
  • Nursing 488 – Nursing Leadership in Care Delivery
  • Nursing 498 – Students will complete both A and B practice Pharmacology exams with at least a 90%. Students will be able to retake practice tests after a 24- hour lapse from their previous attempt until they achieve the 90%.

**ATI RN Predictor Exam: The ATI RN Predictor Exam will be taken by all students in the last semester of their program.