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All students and faculty are expected to abide by the policies found in the CNHP Handbook. The handbook is located on the CNHP website listed under “About the College.”

College Offices

The offices of the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions, the Assistant Dean, Program Chair, and most faculty are located on the second floor of the USI Health Professions Center. The remainder of faculty are located in the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences in downtown Evansville.

Name/Address Change

Changes in local and/or permanent addresses, telephone number, and change in name are to be reported immediately to both the University Registrar's Office and the Nursing Programs. A Change of Name form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Technological Requirements

  • A Reliable Computer: a dedicated computer with an updated operating system, such as Windows 7 or later, or Mac OSX.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection: (e.g. DSL or Cable). All USI online students are required to have a stable high-speed Internet connection. A wired Internet connection is recommended for online meeting, exams, and assignment submission.
  • Office 365 (USI login needed) & Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
  • Supported Web Browser: Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Microphone & Webcam

* More information on the system requirements for taking online courses can be found at USI Online Learning System Requirements

  • Students should have basic computer skills to navigate the Blackboard learning system and access MYUSI email.
  • Students should have the ability to utilize a computer to create basic documents in a word processing software (ie: Word).
  • Students should also have some basic knowledge how to use and create PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Students will need to utilize online virtual streaming software (VoiceThread, ZOOM, etc.) for assignments and online virtual classroom meetings

For further technical assistant students may access Technical Support under the Tools and Resources link in Blackboard

  • Students will need to use online libraries and databases to locate and gather appropriate information
  • Students will need to use computer networks to locate and store files or data
  • Students should be able to use online search tools for specific academic purposes, including the ability to use search criteria, keywords and filters
  • Students should be able to cite information sources
  • Students should be able to prepare a presentation of research findings


Your USI email Address

The USI Computer Center assigns a free e-mail account to every newly enrolled student which is maintained throughout your time as a student. If you have any questions about your USI e-mail, contact the Computer Center Help Desk at 812-465-1080.

Avoid forwarding email to a different account: It is possible to have the email forwarded but there is a very real risk that an email will not go through or get blocked and you will miss important information. It will be important that you have established an e-mail account before your first class meeting.

Car Policies

Please refer to the Security Department website Parking.

Personal travel is required of students for all clinical courses. Liability for driving to and from clinical sites falls on the owner of the vehicle. Automotive insurance is required by Indiana state law.

Information concerning registration of your car and parking at clinical agency sites will be provided by course instructors.

University Policies

All university policies, as published in the Bulletin, extend to all sites where students are engaged in the role of a nursing student.

No Smoking Policies

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes or any tobacco products is prohibited in all hospitals, health care organizations, and on the USI campus except in designated areas near the residence halls. Students are not allowed to smoke or utilize any tobacco products in any clinical facility or during the hours of the clinical assignment.

Respiratory Triggers

To avoid respiratory triggers, please consider using perfume and cologne in moderation. Perfume or colognes must not be worn during any clinical experience due to potential client/staff allergic response.

Behavior in the Classroom

Professional behavior is an expectation in the classroom. This includes respect for faculty and students while presenting content or voicing an opinion. Students are expected to be prepared to participate in class discussion and to be on time in attending

class sessions. Students who demonstrate unprofessional behavior may be asked to leave the classroom and/or receive a performance improvement plan.

Personal Injury/Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids

Students who are injured or exposed to blood and body fluids in the clinical setting are to report the incident IMMEDIATELY to their instructor and complete both an agency and College incident report. The College incident report forms are available in the Infection Control Section of this handbook. The completed incident report will be on file in the nursing office.

Professional Insurance

All USI College of Nursing and Health Professions students are required to purchase liability insurance. A fee of $20.00 will be assessed to a class each fall semester to purchase this insurance. This fee is subject to change.

Work Hours While Enrolled in the Nursing Program

The rigor of the nursing program requires a major time commitment and effort. Students should be mindful of the number of hours worked to provide sufficient time for necessary study and clinical preparation. Students are not to work the shift immediately preceding a scheduled clinical experience.

Clinical Automobile Insurance

Students are required to have automobile insurance throughout the entirety of the nursing program.

Gift Policy

No gifts are to be accepted from clients.

Display of Student Assignments

Student assignments may be displayed as examples of student work for course files and accreditation purposes. Student work for any other purpose will require permission from the student(s) prior to faculty use.

Faculty Meetings

All faculty meetings are open to students unless posted as a closed meeting. Due to the confidential nature of information presented, no students will be allowed to participate in the Admissions and Progression Committee. A USI student representative will participate in the Nursing Faculty meetings.