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The Arts Center houses the Graphic Design computer labs, 2D design, illustration and drawing studios, the Woodworking studio, the Sculpture studio and metal foundry, the Jewelry studio, and the Photography Darkroom and Lighting Studio. The Art Studio houses the Painting and Printmaking studios, and the Dowhie Ceramics Center houses the Ceramics studio.

The design labs are located in the Arts Center building.  There are three digital computer classrooms dedicated to Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design and Digital Photography.  

  • iMac Computers
  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Pen Display Digitizers
  • Epson Scanner 4490
  • Epson Scanner GT 20000
  • HP Color Laser Printers
  • HP BW Printers
  • Epson Pro Stylus 9900 48" Printer

The Dowhie Ceramics Center is named for Professor Emeritus Lenny Dowhie and his wife Anne Dowhie.  The Center opened in 2009, and is a dedicated stand-alone facility for the exploration and creation of pottery and the ceramic arts.  The 3,310 sq. ft.  facility is well equipped and is connected to a terrace providing outdoor work space and room for a variety of kilns. Through a wall of windows, the Dowhie Ceramics Center offers a stunning view of Reflection Lake and the surrounding wooded area that students enjoy while working on a vast array of objects ranging from traditional pottery to contemporary sculpture.

Equipment in the Dowhie Ceramics Center includes:

  • Soldner Professional clay mixer
  • Bailey MXP double auger pug mill
  • 20 Shimpo VL-Whisper potter’s wheels with ergonomic stools
  • North Star Super 24” slab roller
  • Bailey extruder
  • Dedicated Glaze room with extensive chemical stores
  • Two digital scales and one triple-beam scale for glaze formulation
  • Ventilated spray booth and compressor for glazing
  • Decal printer for iron based decals
  • Three programmable electric kilns for bisque and mid-range glaze work
  • Cone 10 gas reduction car kiln
  • (SP.18) * Fast-Fire modified wood kiln
  • (SP.18) * Down-Draft cone 10 soda kiln
  • (SP.18) * Two cone 10 gas text kilns
  • Natural gas raku kiln
  • Space for experimental kiln building
  • Adequate shelving for each level of ceramics course work
  • Large screen and projection camera for classroom instruction
  • Arians 22 ton wood splitter
  • Husqvarra 445 chain saw

The drawing studios are located in the Arts Center building.  There are two classrooms dedicated to drawing and 2D design.  As a drawing student, you will have access to the following equipment and facilities to assist you in your course of study:

  • Drawing easels and drawing benches
  • Spacious dedicated drawing areas
  • Art-o-graph projectors, paper cutters, and mat cutters 
  • Drafting tables
  • Track lighting
  • Exhibition areas to show your work
  • A variety of still life materials
  • Drawing boards
  • Models for figure drawing
  • A replica human skeleton for figurative work 

The Jewelry Studio is one of the studios located in the lower level of the Arts Center building.  It comprises 625 sq. ft. of space dedicated to Jewelry and Metalsmithing. It is in the process of being fully renovated.  Renovations will include an updated ventilation system, as well as improved storage, workstations, and classroom layout. These renovations are scheduled to be complete in March of 2015.  As a jewelry student, you can have experiences with design, metal working, soldering, enameling, casting, and assemblage. The following equipment will be available in the Jewelry Studio to facilitate these studies:

  • Kerr Centrifugal Casting Machine W/Accessories
  • Two Electric Kilns
  • Oxygen/Acetylene Torch set
  • Two Soldering Torch sets
  • Three Soldering Stations
  • Two Hydraulic presses
  • Bonny Doon Dies, assortment
  • Durston Bracelt Forming Mandrels
  • Durston Cupola Punch set
  • Three Fordom Flexshaft Tools w/accessories
  • Pepe 4” Guillotine Shear
  • Pepe 8” Precision Shear
  • 70 lb. Anvil w/Stump
  • Silhouete Die Kit
  • Swanstrom Disc Cutter
  • Lil’ Trimmer Saw
  • Two Rolling Mills
  • Fretz Super Set Miniature Stakes
  • Fretz Forming Stake set
  • Assorted hammers
  • Jewelers Saws
  • Ring Mandrels
  • Plier assortments
  • Midas Electroforming equipment and supplies
  • Enameling Powders and tools
  • Redwing Buffing Station w/dust collection
  • Buffing accessories assortment

The Painting Studio (AS 108) is one of two studios located in the Art Studio building, located between the Arts and Ceramics Centers.  It boasts 1933 sq. ft with a 78 sq. ft spray booth and a 77 sq. foot store room all of which are dedicated exclusively to painting.  As a painting student, you will work with both oils and acrylics.  You will learn and practice various painting techniques including old masters, impasto, hard edge, mixed media, and experimental applications. The following equipment and features are available in the Painting Studio to facilitate these studies:

  • Heavy duty easels, stools and painting tables
  • Special room ventilation
  • Dedicated painting spaces for upper level students
  • Individual lockers and storage areas for painting students
  • Painting racks for large and small scale paintings
  • Spray booth
  • Clerestory windows for even, natural lighting
  • Track lighting for still life and special set-ups
  • Safety cabinets for proper storage of solvents and chemicals
  • Equipped tool cabinet
  • Chop saw for stretcher building
  • Smartboard technology


  • Portable Silver Reclamation Pumping Station
  • Film Washes
  • Film Drying Cabinet
  • Plastic Film Developing Tanks
  • Metal Tanks for Film Developing
  • Beseler Enlargers with Timers
  • Print Washers
  • RC Print Dryers

Lighting Studio

  • Silver-Dome Hot Lights
  • Large Boom-Light Stand
  • Small Soft-Light White Cube
  • Steel Rack for Paper Roll Storage
  • LED Light Panels
  • Strobe Light Setups
  • Photo E-Box Plus
  • Hot Light

Photography Equipment

  • Light Table
  • Dry-Mounting Press
  • 35 mm SLRs
  • Tripods 
  • Medium Format Film Cameras
  • 35mm DSLRs

The Printmaking Studio is one of two media areas located in the ‘Art Studio’ building.  This dual-purpose, smart classroom and studio space has over 2200 square feet dedicated exclusively to printmaking processes.  As a student in the area, you will learn intaglio, relief, screen-printing, lithography, and monotype printing techniques.  In addition to hand tools, the following large equipment is available in the Printmaking Studio to enable these studies:

Etching and Relief

  • Charles Brand etching press- 50” x 30”
  • American French Tool etching press- 36” x 18”
  • Hotplate and ventilated etching tanks
  • 40” wide plate shear
  • NuArc exposure unit for photo-intaglio and photo-Lithograph plates
  • 48 x 36 Paper soaking sink


  • Conrad lithography press- 48” x 30”
  • Graining sink
  • Lithographic limestone collection
  • Hydraulic lift cart for large stones

Screen printing

  • Portable screen printing stations
  • Intermatic exposure unit for screens
  • Power washer and wash out station

General Use

  • 4 ½ ‘ x 5’ work tables
  • Lockers and flat files for personal storage
  • CNC Router (located in the Arts Center)

Art & Design students can curate, design, or submit work for small exhibitions in the Student Gallery. 

View of gallery with sculptural art installed.
"We Did This" by Candice Beck. Photo by Courtney Gardner

The Woodworking Studio is one of the studios located in the lower level of the Arts Center.  It boasts over 3000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to woodworking.  There is a large common room with ample work space for students.  Advanced students share a smaller a workspace in which each student has a personal work area of his or her own.  Several woodworking benches are placed in the studio for those interested in traditional hand tools.  The Woodworking Studio has a full complement of power and hand tools and a dedicated finishing space.  Students in the Woodworking area create an incredibly vast array of objects ranging from traditional furniture to sculpture.

The following equipment is available in the Woodworking Studio:

  • SawStop Table Saw
  • Powermatic Lathe (36" bed)  
  • Powermatic Drill Press
  • Domino Joiner Tool
  • Delta 24” Planer
  • Powermatic 10" Jointer
  • Grizzly Oscillating Edge Sander
  • Powermatic 20" Band Saw
  • Powermatic 16" Band Saw
  • 12" Makita Mitre Saw
  • Kreg Router Table
  • Oscillating Spindle Sander
  • Jet Hollow Chisel Mortising Machine
  • Powermatic 6" Disc/6" Belt Sander
  • Delta 12” Mitre Saw
  • Jet Slow Speed Grinder and a set of Shapton Stones for sharpening
  • ShopBot CNC Machine
  • Boss Laser Cutter

The McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries, located in the lower level of the Liberal Arts Center, contributes to the education experiences at USI by providing a professional exhibition space to present the work of art majors, alumni, faculty, visiting artists and the University's permanent collection.