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Prepare students to become creative, open-minded, ethical, informed and contributing citizens through degree programs that blend the traditional core of liberal arts and science education with the most current aesthetic, critical, conceptual, pedagogical and technical art and art history knowledge and skills.

Support students and faculty in the advancement of the visual arts through education, research, service learning and engagement at the University, in the community as well as at the regional, national, and international levels.

Assist students in developing the critical thinking, creative problem-solving, work ethic, and oral, written, and visual communication skills necessary for success in their future careers or educational goals.


We are dedicated to providing a high-quality art and design education in an engaging and innovative environment.

Vision Goals

The following goals reflect the ten-year development plan (2017-2027) as well as the larger and long-term strategy for the department. Each year these goals are reviewed by the art faculty and staff and updated as needed.

By graduation, art majors are expected to:

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate artistic growth through the development of skills, techniques, and concepts
Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of historical and contemporary art and design

Learning Outcome 3:

Demonstrate visual literacy through written communications using aesthetic standards to analyze creative work or research
Learning Outcome 4: Demonstrate visual literacy through oral communications using aesthetic standards to analyze creative work or research
Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills necessary for success in future careers or educational goals

These learning outcomes are consistent for all art and art education majors.  They are met by specific courses required in the art or art education programs and purposely designed to meet the learning goals and educational objectives of each area.