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Fall 2021 Updates

Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC)

Harvey Baker, founder of Dunmire Hollow community and one of the original members of FIC created word document files for the board and organizational meetings from 1987-2018 from the original documents. The original documents were in various formats and file type. UASC is in the process of adding this material to the FIC finding aid.  Several years ago, Laird Schaub of Sandhill Farm donated archival materials about the organization. The introduction to archives classes are working on that collection.

CS 214- Foundation for Intentional Community (formerly, Fellowship for Intentional Community), finding aid,

Updates in progress

CS 172- Dunmire Hollow, finding aid,


Appletree Co-op

This community was formed in 1974 in Cottage Grove, OR. The community was active in FIC and the Communal Studies Association. The group recently disbanded around 2020. One of the founding community members has sent materials from the community consisting of events, projects, income revenue statements, minutes and organizational notes. This collection is currently being processed by the University archivist, and the finding aid will be available spring of 2022.

Shiloh Church/Shiloh Farms

Shiloh Church and Trust began in 1945 as part of Eugene Monroe’s attempt to build a religious community that was focused on rehabilitating veterans from World War II. The community started an organic bakery in 1946 and continued until 2001. The community was originally located in Sherman, New York and moved to Sulphur Springs, Arkansas in the 1960’s to be more centrally located for shipping across the country. Shiloh became known for its organic farming practices as well as the all-natural products. As a commune, this no longer exists, but the organic products portion was sold to a former member and still operates today, out of Pennsylvania.

CS 667 Shiloh Church and Trust, finding aid:


Theory of Developmental Communalism 
DONALD PITZER | Updated September 2019

Bibliography of Developmental Communalism

One More Question for Jonestown Survivor

I just returned from a fast-paced visit to University of Southern Indiana. I presented in many different classes, and at a public event with 450 people in the audience. My presentations ranged from a brief introduction about myself and how I ended up in Peoples Temple to a full multi-media presentation with a PowerPoint and a lot of information...

The Center for Communal Studies
| May 2016

"For the past year and a half, I have been exploring methods of facilitating cultural change within the context of intentional community; specifically, the hands-on application of this exploration that has taken place with the community I grew up in: Kashi, Florida. My research residency with the Center for Communal Studies (Jaya was the recipient of the Center's 2015 Research Travel Grant) was focused on expanding my inquiry to include a scholarly analysis, historical context, and to compare and contrast Kashi to other communities through the use of the Communal Studies Collection...