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2023 ICPA Contest Results

Congratulations to the Staff, Student Writers, and Artist featured in FishHook Vol. 11

for the multiple awards they received at the latest ICPA Contest!

More about ICPA and their annual contest can be found here

Third place in LITERARY MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR for 2023
Second place Overall Design to Sarah Doan and Staff
Second place Overall Design to Sarah Doan and Staff for FishHook Vol. 11
Second place Cover Design to Joshua Meredith
The Thing About Nostalgia by Joshua Meredith
Third place for Photo to Hope Burdette
Fly Away by Hope Burdette
First place Short Story to Abigail Joy
Billiards by Abigail Joy
Second place Short Story to Sarah Doan
The One Who Got Away by Sarah Doan

Full 2023 Contest results can be found here.

FishHook is the University of Southern Indiana's student-run art and literary journal, showcasing the top poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art of USI students. 

We at FishHook strive to promote artistic expression across all areas of the student body, and we are dedicated to providing opportunities for USI students to show off their favorite original works. Each year we publish a new and unique edition of our publication, and we are thrilled to start searching for new additions to our 2022-2023 publication! 

FishHook LogoPick up a FREE copy within the Orr Center or the third floor of the Liberal Arts Center.

a note on FishHook...

The student editors of FishHook believe strongly that USI's student art and literary journal ought to be just as unique and inviting as the work it publishes.
A fishhook speaks to Evansville's sense of place, tucked as we are in a crook of the Ohio River, and serves a rich metaphor for the process of being lured, hooked and changed by the images (whether visual or verbal) of our student literary journal.
Like a hook pulled from a river trout's mouth before the fish is tossed back into the water, the fishhook does not pull cleanly free; the barb catches, leaves an echo of its shape in the cheek of the fish.
And that, gruesome as it may sound, is how we, the editors of FishHook, feel good literature and art leave us: changed forever, with an echo of its image and voice deep in our flesh.
We hope you will enjoy this eleventh issue of FishHook as much as we enjoyed compiling it. And, more than anything, we hope you will get hooked!

-The Editors

Submission Information

Do you have a piece of writing or piece of art that you are super proud of? If so, the FishHook team would love to see it! For this edition, we are especially interested in art and writings about your survival during this time of COVID-19.

Submissions are OPEN for FishHook Volume 12. A Contributor Release form must be filled out before submissions can be considered for publication. 

Send your submissions to (Written submissions should be submitted as Microsoft Word files, and images should be sent as 300 DPI .tiff or .jpg attachments.) Include your name, address, telephone number, and a Contributor Release Form.

We will not be accepting any physical copies of documents due to COVID-19.

Volume 12 submissions are due by Monday, March 13, 2023.

Artists whose submission bears the image of a real living person are required to have their models complete and sign the Model Release Form prior to acceptance of their work.  Please ask your model to visit this site and either print the release and mail it to the address at the top of the form or turn it in via email with an electronic signature to

Current Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Kyla Schlink

Editorial Staff:

  • Maria Farrar
  • Denise McKenzie
  • Brenna Swaney
  • Kaitlen Wood

Most Recent Volume below, and more about past volumes can be found here

FishHook Volume 11, Fall 22

Collage of old pictures of movie stars, ads, and other media

The Thing About Nostalgia by Joshua Meredith

Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief Sara Doan

Fiction Editor Kyla Schlink

Poetry Editor Alexia Willard and Morgan Hunter

Non-Fiction Editor Madeline Woolsey 

Art/Photography Editor Violet Thomas-Cummings

Faculty Advisor Mr. Anthony Rintala

Poetry by Meredith Grace, Miriam McDonald, Denise McKenzie, Brad Neace, Jaydon Pritchard, Tegan Ruhl, Noah Youngson  

Fiction by Sara Doan, Alice Graves, Abigail Joy 

Non-Fiction by Alice Graves,Isaac Hopf, Austin Matthews, Ivys Quintana, Aubrey Swart  

Art by Hope Burdette, Emma Goodrich, Alexia Willard, LJ Mayer, Joshua Meredith, Miriam McDonald, Katelyn Vinci


Become an Editor!

FishHook editors review poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art submissions to filter what goes into the publication. The only requirement for FishHook editors is the successful completion of ENG 101.  Complete the application online or pick up an application outside the FishHook office, OC 3029. Submit your application at the office or email it to FishHook.

Join the Team PDF application to join Fish Hook

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