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Department of English Mission and Goals


"Through the study of literature and writing, the Department of English prepares students to communicate effectively, think imaginatively, and live wisely in a diverse world."

Goals/Learning Outcomes

Communications Skills

  • Develop close- and critical-reading skills through discussion as well as formal and informal writing about a variety of texts.

Critical Thinking

  • Develop skills in critical reading and analysis through the application of theoretical approaches to a variety of texts. 

Cultural and Historical Awareness/Diversity

  • Understand the major socio-historical contexts informing the study of American/British literature.

Disciplinary Skills and Practice

  • Understand the distinctions between major literary genres.
  • Understand, at the introductory level, significant theoretical orientations that inform ways of reading texts.
  • Develop an understanding of the range of disciplines included in English studies. 
  • Understand the terminology of American/British literature through major periods and literary movements.

Applications of Knowledge and Skills

  • Develop as emerging professionals with skills and habits of mind that will help them achieve success in further study in the discipline and the diverse professions they will pursue.  
  • Become multi-dimensional readers, thinkers, and writers.
  • Develop civic-mindedness and a desire to influence and transform their communities and the world.