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In 2020, the University of Southern Indiana hosted the American Women's Suffrage Amendment Symposium to mark the 100th anniversary of the Women's Suffrage Amendment. While this accomplishment was worth celebrating, it is also one with a mixed legacy. Though women won the rights of citizenship and access to the ballot, that victory was not extended to all women or all Americans for decades after. "Today the United States celebrates its legacy as a model democratic nation, yet many still do not enjoy the full rights of suffrage and political forces have conspired to limit access to the ballot and dilute the power of the vote," said Dr. Denise Lynn, coordinator of the Symposium.

This symposium explored the complicated history of women’s suffrage in the United States and beyond, as well as the question of citizenship, and who has access to citizenship.

The symposium was presented in partnership with USI with Africana Studies and Global Studies.

To view the research and artwork created by our 44 participants is presented below.

College on the Women's Suffrage Movement by USI Student Briana Cypress.

Photo Series

Suffrage in the United States Infographic

100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage Amendment
by Briana Cypress

See the full piece.

by Megan Thorne

Listen to Megan talk about her project and research.

Suffrage in the United States Infographic
by Chris York

See the full piece.

Preview Image of Bailey Ayer's Research Poster and Paper

Lucy Stone: Stirring the Nation's Heart
Bailey Ayer

Preview Image of Andrew Barnett's Research Poster and Paper

Women's Social and Political Union
Andrew Barnett

Preview Image of Loren Baumberger's Research Poster and Paper

Women's Citizenship in Russia
Loren Baumberger

Preview Image of Allen Besing's Research Poster and Paper

Women's Suffrage Strategies
Allen Besing

Preview Image of Joseph Blevins's Research Poster and Paper

Division and Repression: Socialism v. Nationalism in the German Suffrage Movement
Joseph Blevins

Preview Image of Mikayla Burk's Research Poster and Paper

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green
Mikayla Burk

Preview Image of Isaac Cochran's Research Poster and Paper

Laura Clay, States' Rights and Racism
Isaac Cochran

Preview Image of Joshua Cook's Research Poster and Paper

This Land is Not Your Land
Joshua Cook

Preview Image of Nicole Edelen's Research Poster and Paper

The Anti-Suffrage Movement
Nicole Edelen

Preview Image of Dr. Susan Ely's Research Poster and Paper

The Power of Voice
Dr. Susan Ely

Preview Image of Hope Fishback's Research Poster and Paper

Bettiola Heloise Fortson
Hope Fishback

Preview Image of Ashton Forzley's Research Poster and Paper

The Influence of Women in the Soviet Union
Ashton Forzley

Preview Image of Sarah J. Hannesson's Research Poster and Paper

Queer Women in the Suffrage Movement
Sarah J. Hannesson

Preview Image of Dylan Harris's Research Poster and Paper

Communists and The French Women's Vote
Dylan Harris

Preview Image of Ashley Hopf's Research Poster and Paper

Men in the Women's Suffrage Movement
Ashley Hopf

Preview Image of Noah A. Klein's Research Poster and Paper

Indiana and The Women's Suffrage Movement
Noah A. Klein

Preview Image of Nicole Kobylanski's Research Poster and Paper

Printmaking and Political Cartoons
Nicole Kobylanski

Preview Image of Hallie Leinenbach's Research Poster and Paper

Laura Clay of Kentucky
Halli Leinenbach

Preview Image of Halli Leinenbach's Research Poster and Paper

Susan B. Anthony
Halli Leinenbach

Preview Image of Robin Lusby's Research Poster and Paper

Doctrinal Issues and Mormon Women's Suffrage
Robin Lusby

Preview Image of Ian Morrison's Research Poster and Paper

The Enigma of Women's Rights in Imperial Germany
Ian Morrison

Preview Image of Natalie Olson-Autry's Research Poster and Paper

Southern Suffrage
Natalie Olson-Autry

Preview Image of Evan Pennington's Research Poster and Paper

Bartky's Critique of Foucault and the Feminist Critique of Marxism
Evan Pennington

Preview Image of Grace Person's Research Poster and Paper

Dress Reform in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
Grace Persons

Preview Image of Arizona Pribble's Research Poster and Paper

Women's Suffrage in the U.S.: Indiana and Arizona
Arizona Pribble

Preview Image of Haylee Robinson's Research Poster and Paper

Gertrude Bonnin and the Native American Indian's Suffrage
Haylee Robinson

Preview Image of Haley Ruckman's Research Poster and Paper

The Importance of Imagery, Propaganda, and Cartoons
Haley Ruckman

Preview Image of Kyla Schlink's Research Poster and Paper

Toni Morrison
Kyla Schlink

Preview Image of Ashton Stone's Research Poster and Paper

The Battle During the War: Sylvia Pankhurst
Ashton Stone

Preview Image of Aubrey Swart's Research Poster and Paper

May Wright Sewall
Aubrey Swart

Preview Image of Grace Leigh Walker's Research Poster and Paper

A Comparison: Emmeline Pankhurst and Alice Paul
Grace Leigh Walker

Preview Image of Jacob Yoder's Research Poster and Paper

National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
Jacob Yoder

Preview Image of Jessica Yorgason's Research Poster and Paper

Christina Hammock Koch
Jessica Yorgason

  • Bailey Ayer
  • Andrew Barnett
  • Loren Baumberger
  • Allen Besing
  • Joseph Blevins
  • Cypress Briana
  • Mikayla Burk
  • Isaac Cochran
  • Joshua Cook
  • Bridget Eckerle
  • Nicole Edelen
  • Dr. Susan Ely
  • Hope Fishback
  • Noah Fisher
  • Ashton Forzley
  • Aaron Giauque
  • Hannah Goben
  • Lauren Grady 
  • Sarah J. Hannesson
  • Dylan Harris
  • Ashley Hopf
  • Mya Jaquemai
  • Noah A. Klein
  • Nicole Kobylanski
  • Halli Leinenbach
  • Robin Lusby
  • Mitchell Marcrum 
  • Benjamin Meier
  • Kami Minnich
  • Ian Morrison
  • Natalie Olson-Autry 
  • Evan Pennington
  • Grace Persons
  • Arizona Pribble
  • Haylee Robinson
  • Haley Ruckman
  • Kyla Schlink
  • Ashton Stone
  • Aubrey Swart
  • Megan Thorne
  • Grace Leigh Walker
  • Jacob Yoder
  • Jessica Yorgason
  • Chris York