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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-enabled technologies have the unique potential to improve health outcomes by minimizing misdiagnosis, enhancing patient access and increasing monitoring capabilities and support for healthcare practitioners. This introductory course will explore AI/ML-enabled tools and their applications in healthcare, with a particular emphasis on remote monitoring for rehabilitation and wellness, or “telerehabilitation.” Telerehabilitation models have been shown to enhance accessibility of healthcare technology for low-income and aging populations. Studies also demonstrate that self-management via mobile and telehealth technologies improves overall outcomes in patients.

In this course, we will introduce platforms for enhanced remote monitoring via wearable devices(smart watches), augmented reality (AR) systems, robotics and digital twin (DT) technology. Our overall goal is to demonstrate how these tools, when integrated with AI/ML-enabled systems, can be utilized to enhance patient participation and accessibility and improve patient-practitioner communication.

Thursday, June 6th and Friday, June 7th.
1 credit hour

*Open to healthcare professionals and USI students