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In this 72-hour certificate you will learn all you need to know to plan, organize and manage your data, and how to translate that data into clear, easy-to-understand documents. When you complete the required courses, you will have the toolset to create a product that will not only work as it was designed to work, but also truly respond to user needs.

To receive the certificate, complete the following four classes and receive 70% or higher on each of the finals.  Courses can be taken in any order. To see complete description and register click on the course titles below. The first time you register for an online course, you will be prompted to create an account.  This account will be unique for just the online courses.

Complete the following courses:

  • Introduction to SQL
    Learn the key concepts of SQL (Structured Query Language) the powerful and standard database management query language for relational databases.
  •  Registration Fee: $345 ($115 each course)

    Note – All courses must be taken through Lifelong Learning at the University of Southern Indiana in-order to be eligible for the certificate.

When you have completed the four courses email with the following and we will mail the certificate to you:

  • your name
  • certificate name
  • courses completed (names and dates)
  • current mailing address