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The Technical Writing Fundamentals course is designed for those whose jobs involve developing technical documents, such as standard operating procedures, protocols, data analysis reports, proposals, white papers and research papers. Participants will be equipped with the essential skills needed to write clear, concise and correct technical documents to address their readers’ needs.

Participants will learn how to collect information and then select the correct format for delivery based on the topic and the communication goal. Participants will learn how to explain complex information to engage their readers and with less chance of miscommunication. Program will also focus on how to structure a white paper to present the information in a linear and logical manner that makes readers want to read the document from start to finish.

Location: WestGate Academy, 13598 E. WestGate Drive Odon, IN 47562

Will be offered fall 2023

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Paula Nurrenbern                                                                         Office 812-461-5425
Director of Corporate Partnerships                                            Cell 812-455-3629
and Customized Training  

8600 University Boulevard 
Evansville, Indiana 47712