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This 12-hour certificate workshop is intended for prospective, new, or experienced leaders and is ideal for building the capabilities needed to launch or enhance a successful management career. The following four topics are explored:

Your Role as a Leader
• What the supervisor role is and what it is not
• Engaging employees
• Supervising former peers

 Resolving Conflict
• Healthy conflict versus damaging
• Causes and consequences of conflict
• Conflict resolution process and the supervisor’s role

 Effective Communication Skills
• Interpersonal relationship skills; listening skills
• Appropriate use of communication tools and methods
• Goal setting, performance expectations and performance improvement

Building and Sustaining Trust
• Supervisor role in building and sustaining trust
• Behaviors that build, sustain and break trust
• Repairing damaged relationships

Will be offered fall 2023

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Paula Nurrenbern                                                                         Office 812-461-5425
Director of Corporate Partnerships                                            Cell 812-455-3629
and Customized Training  

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