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In this USI non-credit training program, participants will become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for delivering effective presentations and learn proven techniques to improve the effectiveness of your verbal and written communications.

Learning objectives for this 12-hour program include:

1. Recognize key qualities of effective public speakers.
2. Identify specific fears of public speaking and use countermeasures for overcoming them.
3. Improve the effectiveness of your vocal delivery.
4. Project confidence in your nonverbal communication.
5. Identify your presentation style.
6. Analyze your audience and apply methods for adapting your presentation to their needs and interests.
7. Organize your presentation using a template for a logical sequence that’s easy for audiences to follow.
8. Choose appropriate visual aids to complement your message.
9. Give and receive feedback for continuous improvement in public speaking.

Will be offered fall 2023

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Paula Nurrenbern                                                                         Office 812-461-5425
Director of Corporate Partnerships                                            Cell 812-455-3629
and Customized Training  

8600 University Boulevard 
Evansville, Indiana 47712