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Change is inevitable in today’s global market.  Just think about what Covid has done to force rapid change in any size organization. When organizations fail to respond well to change or change initiatives, the likelihood of successfully implementing that change is very low. The Change Acceleration Process (CAP) is a change management framework with a set of tools to gauge the political/strategic/cultural environment in the organization and plan for the actions which will eventually determine how much success a change initiative can bring within the existing operating boundaries.

 This course teaches the CAP by using these seven steps:

  1. Leading Change
  2. Creating a Shared Need
  3. Shaping a Vision
  4. Mobilizing Commitment (Getting buy-in from Stakeholders)
  5. Making the Change Last
  6. Monitoring Progress
  7. Changing Systems and Structures

All implementation projects require a “champion” who sponsors the change if they are to be successful (Leading Change).
The reason to change, whether driven by threat or opportunity, is instilled within the organization, and widely shared through data, demonstration, demand, or diagnosis. The need for change must exceed the resistance to change (Creating a Shared Need).
The desired outcome of change is clear, legitimate, widely understood, and shared (Shaping a Vision). There is a strong commitment from key constituents to invest in the change, make it work, and demand and receive management attention (Mobilizing Commitment).
Once change is started, it endures, and flourishes and learnings are transferred throughout the organization (Making the Change Last).
Progress is real; benchmarks are set and realized; indicators are established to guarantee accountability (Monitoring Progress).
Management practices are used to complement and reinforce change (Changing Systems and Structures).

Upon completing this 3.5 day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Align the CAP model with business initiatives and execute the tools as a competitive advantage implementing change.
  • Synthesize CAP tools while leading and coaching for productivity every day.
  • Encourage the use of CAP to lead a culture of change and growth in your company.
  • Learn how to develop a change acceleration execution plan for your company for a change initiative.

***Cancellation of the August workshop was due to a conflict in scheduling. Please see contact information below for options or training onsite at your organization.

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