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SIR 1994




Outside, After the Reading — Leisa A. Below
For Immediate Release — Laurence E. Musgrove
Dogs Playing Poker 2 — Cindy Rust
Lyles Station, Indiana — Matthew Graham
From A Navy Wife to Her Husband On Their 10th Anniversary December 15, 1944 — Dot Williams
Between Monuments — Cindy Pancake 
Turn — Leisa A. Bellow
Artemis — E.H. Wasserman
Innocent Bystander — Frances Lea
Birthday Poem-March 20, 1992 — Ivor Chodkowski
Mustard — Judith Anne Lyden
So this is Divorce — Kristin Herbert
Sweet Tangerine — Susan Rothschild
For Some Teachers I Have Known — H. Palmer Hall
Lucky — Bryan Roth
Paris: Still Life — Blema Wolin
Playing God — Terry D. Appel
How Sometimes You Have To Lift the Cow’s Tail and Look Facts in the Face — Ruxha Cleaveland
Pressed Flowers: Not Far From Chicago, 1888 — Patricia Corbus
Variation on a Theme by Chagall — James Kimbrell
Magic Button — Andrew Hudgins
Bouncing on the Bed – Helen Frost
Cool Escape — Chloe L. Brown
Aubade — Barbara Savadge Horton
I Find My Sister in a Snapshot — Beth Simon
Morning — Annabette Barr
Postcard from Stonngton — Victoria Givotovsky
The Woman’s Shelter — Annabette Barr
Late June Letter — James Kimbrell
Thinking About High School — Shanda Hansma Blue 
The Cuckoo’s Clock Discombobulates — Terri Brown-Davidson
Tagalongs — Mary Jane Schenk
Bubble Bathing — C. A. Terry
At Work — Andrew Hudgins
Reinventing the Photograph — Frances Lea
Train Crossing On Ohio Street, Port Of Evansville — John Gibson 
Kaleidoscope — C. A. Terry


A Manageable Problem — Richard N Bentley 
Meeting the Family — Natalie Tindle 
Decisions — Terry D. Seaton
Bubbles — Carol Stewart
Clay Scott and the Witch Girl — Bud Johnson 
Julie Cursed — H. Palmer Hall


Ruining a Story — Michael Martone
Ladies of the Club — Patricia Sides
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Begins Era Of Great German Filmmaking — Daniel Scavone


His Singularity — Guisela Latorre
School Honor Roll-Lye’s Station, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Seated Woman — Guisela Latorre
Birds in Trees — Charles L. Price
A La Luz De La Luna — Guisela Latorre
Ann Hanat
Classroom Drawer-Lye’s Station, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Yucca in Snow — Charles L. Price
A Walk through the Morgue — Guisela Latorre