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SIR 1997



The Nature of Being Exotic — Corliss A. Terry


Fiscal Austerity — Liam Rector
Wayside Halts — John Gibson
Dinner Party — Allison Joseph
You Ask Me — Laurence E. Musgrove
Avalon — Mary Jane Schenk
Wilfred Owen at Flodden Field — John Gibson
The Year of the Rooster, Rangoon — J. Miller
Ghosts — Tracy Bee 
Hall Light — Barbara Stahura
The Mill — Jennifer Hunley


A Few Talking Points about Writers in Universities — Liam Rector
Should I go or should I Stay? An Interview with Liam Rector — Laurence E. Musgrove 
History of a Partnership — Connie Weinzaphfel


Mr. Insensitivity — Elliot Wasserman


Sings of Inexplicable Stress — Linda Lappin Baldassarre
The Optimist — Leisa Belleau
Cherry-Red-H. — Keith Wicker
Vibrations — Donna D. Vitucci
Internal Communications — Scott Saalman


La Samaritaine — Eric D. Braysmith
Green Dress — Anita Powell
Tennessean, Evansville, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Princess and the Pea — Shane T. Howell
Cattails at Reflection Lake — Charles L. Price
Kabah Gate — Michael Aakhus
Icon Dress — Anita Powell
Times Square (Portrait of Liam Rector) — Kathryn Waters
Silhouette of Madame Marie Louise Duclos Fretageot — John Chappellsmith
Silhouette of William Maclure — William Burch
Suit — Anita Powell
Season’s Greetings from the Deep South — C. Matthew Billman
Scenes from Savannah I-C. — Matthew Billman
Radar Love — Carolyn Roth
Shape of Things to Come — David Huebner 
Black Swallowtail Larva and Pupa — Charles L. Price