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SIR 2004 Spring



Days of 1994 – Eric Gudas
The Things I Save – Eve Wood
Sunday – Daniel J. Langton
Home – Jean Tucker
Kristine – Nathan W. Leslie
Mama’s Girl – Natasha Marin
The Birthday Party – Alison Baumann
Perception – Tim Wilhelmus
Champlin, Branbury, The Lakes at Night – Lyn Lifshin
Visitation – Tim Wilhelmus
Lifeline – Jean Tucker
Driving to the Doctor’s – Barbara Spicer Grimball
His Name – Jordan Smith
Selves – Jordan Smith
After the Party – Suzanne Hancock
Vitae Land – Liam Rector


The Deception of Stars – Melanie Culbertson


Nineteen in Indiana – Tom Watson
Indiana: Notes from the Margin – John Gibson


Turning the Crystal – An Interview with Ellen Bryant Voigt – Tonya Northenor


Cordoba I – Margaret Skoglund
Cordoba II – Margaret Skoglund
Couple – Brandon Gardener
Antigua Baroque II – Margaret Skoglund
Antigua Baroque III – Margaret Skoglund
Antigua Baroque I – Margaret Skoglund
Sevillian Rhythms – Margaret Skoglund
Bismallah – Erich Shelton
Allah Wahad – Erich Shelton
Temples – Brandon Gardener
Untitled – Michael Aakhus
Balcony in Flores – Margaret Skoglund
Hello, I Must Be Going – Mary Hambly
Antigua Baroque IV – Margaret Skoglund