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SIR 2001 Fall



“Outside the Mirrored Domain”: A Personal Journey – Jim McGarrah


Notes in Autumn – Bei Ling
A Reminder – Gzugel Bogomil
Women Buying Sandals – Lidija Dimkovska
Purple – Lilijana Dirjan 
America – Novica Novakovic
Crinoline – Paulette Roeske
You Could Call this Misalliance, Baltimore, 1955 – Christopher Brisson
The Mysterious Midwest – Rane Arroyo 
Flight – Kime Cope Tait
The Temptation of the Writer – Cesare Pavese
Alter Ego – Cesare Pavese
The Return of Deola – Cesare Pavese
The House – Cesare Pavese
Poetical – Cesare Pavese
Hard Labor – Cesare Pavese
The Dream – Cesare Pavese
The Sad Wine – Cesare Pavese
Creation – Rick Jackson
Motor Inn Gala Followed by Lurid Tsunamil – Justin Cain
The Barbarians (Round Two) – Amir Or
A Glass of Beer – Amir Or
Falling Thirds – Aimee Nezhukumatathil
The Memory of B…A Dream – Anjelina Polonskaya 
The Progress of Europe – Iztok Osojnik
Writing – Iztok Osojnik


Gusev – Anton Chekov (A new translation by Nikolai Popov and Heather McHugh
Husband and Wife – Frederigo Tozzi (A Translation by Linda Lappin)


Dissenting Reflections on Memorials, Museums, War, and the Cult of Military – John Gibson
Fictions of Varying Degrees of Plausibility: Gore Vidal’s Survey of American History – Jim Blevins
Balkan Fragments: The Erosion of Naïve Memory and its Dangers – Ales Debeijak


The Heart’s Shrapnel – Cynthia Roth
Fantasy and Obsession in Victoria Redel’s Loverboy – Melanie Culbertson


Apoala Valley – Michael Aakhus
Sphinx at Fountainbleau – Carolyn Roth
Writing Students with Rick Jackson – James McGarrah
Celebrating Pongal Andhra Pradesh, India – Charles Barber
Studio of Barbara Hepworth – Charles Barber
Waterfall, Apoala Valley – Michael Aakhus
Untitled – Ying Xue Zuo
Private Rooms – Carolyn Roth
Perception – Joseph Uduehi
Untitled – Xing Xue Zuo
Iztok Osojnik – Jim McGarrah
Market, San Christobal – Michael Aakhus
Mochimilco Water Gardens, Mexico City – Michael Aakhus
Memorial Monument, Wesham, Lancashire – John Gibson
Untitled – Joseph Uduehi
Door, San Christobal – Michael Aakhus