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SIR 1995

1995 Cover



First Grade — Liam Rector
Blessed — Laurence E. Musgrove
Late Afternoons with Arthur — Philip Levine
Good Monday — Philip Levine
The Harbor at Nevermind, 1915 — Philip Levine
Paint — Myra Shapiro
Poem Written in Place of a Letter — Alison Townsend
Tim Hardin — Don Slowik
Saroyanesque — Mark Jarman
Pastiche for Amateur Reed — Dristin Herbert
The Maple Wood — Shanda Hansma Blue 
In an Airport Lounge — Michael Battram
Grief and a Starless Night — Terri Brown-Davidson
The Pleasures of the Cow — F. Lea Muller
Miner Redux — Terry Seaton
Your Best Friend Died — Corliss Terry
Frank — Mark Winkleman
The Christmas Letter — John Gibson
Funeral — Ruzha Cleaveland
Exit — Annabette Barr
Girls — Jeff Gundy
The Truth is Not the Story — Heather McHugh
Carriage Return — Heather McHugh
Were They Hurt — Heather McHugh
Silences — Barbara Savadge Horton
Landscape — Barbara Elovic
Uncle Charles Asleep — Sandra Hermann
My Father’s Love Song — Beth Simon
My Father’s Eyes — Donald Wolfe
Details — Lynne Kuderko
Family Room — Mary Jane Schenk
Maneater — Terry Appel
Put Your Money Down — Mike Carson
Fireflies at Benningtion — Dave Smith
Circa 1650 — Dave Smith 
The Gods in My Belly Listen — Dave Smith
Small Answers to a Last Letter — Dave Smith


After Leaving Earth — Torie Olson
Legend — Leisa Belleau 
Before Typhoid — Beth Simon
Necrophobia — Pat Aakhus


Where I live — Roxana Robinson
The Surrealist Films of Luis Bunuel — Daniel Scavone
Franz Kafka: Naming the Unnameable — Jayne Tang 
Rereading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road: Another American Hero in Search of a Family — Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw
Victorian Cousins: Darwin, Galton, Science, and Society — Sandra Singer & Tom Wilhelmus


After Ball’s “Love’s Memories” — Kent Weber
Working Breakfast — Kendall C. Grosenick
Boats, Sarasota — Natalie Tindle
Black-eyed Susans — Fran Levine
Farmhouse on Country Line Road — Eric D. Braysmith
Outside the Rappite Cemetery, New Harmony, Indiana — Fran Levine 
Bosc Pears — Fran Levine
Fall Festival — Kendall C. Gosenick
Sunset Drive-In — Eric D. Braysmith
Flora, Three Views — Kent Weber
As the World Turns — David Huebner
Untitled — Matthew Gehring
Silver Dollar Tavern — Eric D. Braysmith
After Roger’s “Nydia” — Kent Weber
Abandoned Farmhouse — Charles Price
Studio — Kent Weber
Spider Web — Charles Price