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Fall 2005


Hanging On — Bob Wickless
Lump — Abigail Cloud
Accomplice in the Racoon’s Death — Abigail Cloud
Suburban Love Poem — Natalie Scarlett
Irish Coffee — Jay Carson
Sober — Mary Wehner
Summer, Upstate NY — Richard Kenefic
Calling Home — Kathy Davis
Daughters of the Gentrified Neighborhood — Kate Nuernberger
Things We Lost in the Fire — Kate Nuernberger
Mariana Trench II — Dana Curtis
Rules Of Engagement — Robert Cosgriff
Your Pregnancy — Albert Garcia


At the Window — Brian Backstrand
The Prince of Bourbon Street — Brenda Demartini
Lebenstraum — Erika Dreifus
Shadows and Blue Light — Ed Moore
Honeymoon — Karen Uhlmann


The Etruscan — Pat Aaukus
Josip Novakovich’s April Fool’s Day, a Contemporary Candide — Melanie Culbertson


Hyperion Ka — Ann Lannert
Holiday —  Ann Lannert
Reliquary with Heart  — Ann Lannert 
Time Flies at al — Ann Lannert
Flyboy — Jason Baldwin
Even the Instructions are Flawed — Jason Baldwin 
Inner Ear Infection — Jason Baldwin
The Hand Holds No Secrets  — Jason Baldwin
Blue Egg Ka —  Ann Lannert