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SIR 1998



Angst-en-provence — Corliss A. Terry


Drink the Water — B. Wickless
The History of Water — C. Lynn Kinkade 
Praying for Rain — Victoria Givotovsky 
Old Letters from Friends Now Mostly Dead — David Fedo
I Argue — Elizabeth SToessl 
Flamenco — Louis McKee
What a Truck Driver Told Me on the Road Through Dundalk — Laurie Filipelli
Baby Face Nelson: Hit — Arthur Winfeld Knight
Chiasma — Mary Jane Schenk 
The Wish: 1945 — Roger Pfingston 
February — Kenneth Pobo 
Early Frost — David Koehn 
State Road 13 — Anne Laker 
Fishers of Men — Linda Neal Reising


Walt Wangerin, Jr., and Storytelling — Judy Buckman
Dead Reckoning: A Treaty of the Mind — Jim McGarrah
Villette: The House of Self in Lucy Snowe’s Heretic Narrative — Linda Lappin


Swing, You Bum — John Dublin 
Safari House — Greta Holt
The Scar — Dennis Must
Bare Feet, Full Heart — Brian Dillon
The Broken Bed — Bud Johnson 
Glory — Allison Whittenberg
Stone Dogs — Scott Saalman


13th and Green Street — Dave E. Meyers 
Carol’s World — John McNaughton
Get Lucky — John McNaughton
Junction of Miar and Barpu Glaciers — Joseph DiPietro
Figure Study #10 — Dave E. Meyers
Cod Save Us All — Chet Geiselman
Morocco — Carolyn Roth 
A TV in Each Room — John McNaughton 
Tea Time at a Mountain Village — Joseph DiPietro
Rockville, Indiana — Charles L. Price
Pandora — Carolyn Roth
The Magic Man — John McNaughton
Girl Hidden between Two Boys near Kalgara, Kandao, Pakistan — Joseph DiPietro
In Diner Days — Caroline Nellis 
A Light in the Window — Caroline Nellis 
Strawberry Pot Dress — Dave E. Meyers 
Herb Garden, University of Southern Indiana — Charles L. Price 
It’s Hell Out There — John McNaughton