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SIR 2000



Pieta with Cat-Mummy & a Red Horse — D.W. Fenza 
Blue Golem — D.W. Fenza
Loess Hills — Sheryl St. Germain
Bread Pudding — Norma Jenckes
The Gods Hate Kansas — Chad Woody
Farmer — Cristy Cornell
Queen — Patricia Spencer
Ghosts —Jayson Iwen
Arboretum in Winnetka, IL — Susan Terris
Surrender — Terry D. Seaton
Traveling Back v Jack Ridl
Fall Festival, 1955 Evansville, IN — Roger Pfingston
Harbor: Late Autumn — Edward Byrne
Situation Comedy — Brett Ralph
Package Tour — Richard Cecil
Always Mention a Gun —Walter Bargen
Hot — Victoria Redel
Medusae — Jared Carter


Circus Tycoons — Thomas Watson
Vertigo at the 7-Eleven — Scott Saalman
Other People’s Money —James A. Knecht


The Lake of My Early Summers — Marilyn Bonano
The Perfect Round Sound of No — Ken Smith


Rant and a Rave for Vivian Shipley’s Crazy Quilt — Patricia Aakhus
The Murmering of Things: Jared Carter’s Book of Villanelles — David Lee Garrison


From a Scrapbook Found in New Harmony, Indiana — Michael D. Harbison
Newberry, Indiana — Charles L. Price
Subtle Suggestions Teapot — Lenny H. Dowhie
Protecting the Heart — Gary H. Brown
Maya and Eros — Gary H. Brown
The Glow Room Bar-Tell City, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Lawn Bowling, York, England — Charles L. Price
Lost Weekend II — Lenny Dowhie
Orange County Fair-Paoli, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Sportsmans Grill-Evansville, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Industrial T. Pot II — Lenny H. Dowhie
Motel, Vanderburgh-County, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
Ernie’s Tavern-New Albany, Indiana — Eric D. Braysmith
The Struggle for Tea — Lenny Dowhie
Self with Labyrinth in Firestorm — Gary H. Brown