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SIR 1996



Flight Dreams — J. Miller
Leaving Kansas — Victoria Givotovsky
Late Ode — Jeff Gundy 
Retreating Lights in New Harmony — Charlene Drake
Green — E. H. Wasserman
Humbert’s Soliloquy — Eric vonFurhmann
Grace — Barbara Savadge Horton
Snapshots — Barbara Savadge Horton
The Song, 1944 — Ruzha Cleaveland
Grampa’s Dead Hands — Richard Newman
Old Lonesome’s Way of Drinking Needles — Laurence Musgrove
Vanishing Point — Mary Jane Schenk
Ballet — Shanda Hansma Blue
The Cadences of Southern Kindness — Myra Shapiro
Escape — Terry D. Seaton 
Heart — C. A. Terry 
Discovery — Randy Mills
Standing Shadow in New England — John Gibson
Winter Play — David Hassler
Time, Now — Robin S. Chapman
Running Shadow in East Anglia — John Gibson
Dead Man’s Float — E. H. Wasserman


Winter — Erin McGraw
Traveling Places — Bill Hemminger 
Name Tags — Amy Ramsden
Doppleganger — Richard Newman
Animal Shelter — Scott Saalman


A Moment’s Thought — ellen Bryant Voight
Grace Isabella Golden — Pat Sides
Reflections on the Liberal Arts — Steven C. Scheer
Ethical Questions of Human Genome Research — J. Stenftenagel
Postmodern History in D.M. Thomas’s the White Hotel — Phyllis Toy


Remember Me — Carolyn Roth
Hood Ornament — Eric D. Braysmith
Square Yellow Cup — Anita Powell
Yellow Cup — Anita Powell
General Waste — Ann Hanat
The Machine — Margie Marx-Healy
Raccoon Tracks — Charles L. Price
A Group of Events Related by Occurrence, Unreality — Margie Marx-Healy 
Romance — Carolyn Roth
One Man Left Standing — John Hoag
Bacchus — Eric D. Braysmith
Letter on a Lonesome Day — Carolyn Roth
Grace Isabela Golden — New Harmony State Historic Site
Contract with America — Curtis R. Uebelhor
Frosted Oak — Charles L. Price