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SIR 2002 Fall



K—Julie Lechevsky
Calculus—Michael Diebert
San Francisco Zoo—Ron Mohring
Our Firemanship Merit Badges—Robert Grunst
Hierarchy—Marc Harshman
Little Midwest Landscape with Emblems—David Starkey
Tornado—David Shumate
Nasty—Roger Pfingston
The Dead Horse—Debra Hutchison


Reckless —Donald Lystra
Leaving AVA —Susan Ross


Transcending Narrative: An Interview with Lynn Emanuel — Jim McGarrah
Litchfield — J.E. Robinson


A Reader’s Guide to Michael Martone’s The Blue Guide of Indiana — Tom Watson
My Favorite Apocalypse, Too — Richard Newman


Princess Diana Faces the Land Mine Issue; Prey Through the Ages; Nuclear Urn (left to right) — Ilona Granet
Homesick Series: Indiana (front view) — Anita Powell
Top of the World — Ilona Granet
New Harmony Building — Blake Cook
Chop, Chop — John McNaughton
House of Stealth — Ilona Granet
Spring Into the Ashes — Ilona Granet
Way of the Cities — Ilona Granet
Blue Guide to Indiana in New Harmony, Indiana — Kathryn Waters
Ilona Granet and Kyle Bradley in the USI Ceramics Studio — Kathryn Waters
Homesick Series: Indiana (back view) — Anita Powell