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SIR 2003 Fall



September, 1939 — John Gibson
Sisters Entering Their Fifteenth Year — Christian Stoddard
When My Father Came Around — Mark Lilley
Home Movie — Matthew Guentte
The Ghost In My Mother’s Eye — Coleman Stevenson
Sundays — Clinton, OK — Benjamin Vogt
The Couch — David Cusic
The Framing Crew — Tim Applegate


The Architecture Of Music — Elizabeth Ellison
Of Blood and Money — Eric Norton


Confessions of a Latin Lover — Jeffrey Hammond
Two Reggies — Kristine Somerville
Art, Diversity and Censorship: Who Decides — Charlie Nelms


Laundromat — Leisa Belleau
The Poetry — Kevin McIlvoy
The Y — Kevin McIlvoy


Untitled — Eric Braysmith
Common Ground Installation — Patrick Dougherty
The Park — Brandon Gardner
Bob Series — Sara Steffey McQueen
American Dream — Curt Uebelhor
Burning Bush Variation — Vickie VanFechtmann
Untitled — Kathryn Waters
Woman Standing On a Log Over The Creek — Charlene Marsh