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Fall 2004


The Debt — Richard Jackson
The Poetics of Love — Richard Jackson
The Answer — Richard Jackson
The Waking — Richard Jackson
Plots 25 and 27 — Jenny Kander
Since Nobody Asked — David Wyatt
Home — Sunni Brown
Fish on Friday — Lee Rossi


The Favorite — Pat Carr


Route 6, Eastham: The Crossroads of America — Kevin Grandfield
On Being a Cowboy — Ken Smith
Smoke: A Mutiny on the Dog — Ann Loudermilk


The Artist Has Taken You Home: An Interview with Tony Ardizzone — Shannon R. Wooden
A Defense Against Time: Talking with Stephens Dobyns — Paulette Roeske


"All That It Has Lost and Will Perhaps Never Regain": History Revisited in Two Recent Novels by Margaret McMullen — Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw


Morpheus — Kathryn Waters
Night Travelers — Kathryn Waters
Afternoon in Utopia — Kathryn Waters
Never Can Say Goodbye — Kathryn Waters
Dead White Males — Kathryn Waters
American Pie — Kathryn Waters
Afternoon in Midtown — Kathryn Waters
Past Pleasures series: Sex — Kathryn Waters
Men’s Work — Kathryn Waters
Anniversary — Kathryn Waters
September Song — Kathryn Waters

Travelers’ Rest: Paris — Kathryn Waters
Stormy Weather — Kathryn Waters
Closure Series: The Remains of the Day — Kathryn Waters
Closure Series: Morning After — Kathryn Waters
Closure Series: The Party’s Over — Kathryn Waters
Closure Series: Tourist Class — Kathryn Waters