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SIR 2002 Spring



One Less Worry — John Davis
Homecoming — Supritha Rajan
Exodus — Jerome McElroy
Returning To Clear Creek — Christian Knoeller
August All Summer Long — Walt McDonald
Eavesdropping At The Henry Clay Estate — Don Boes
Class — Daniel Donaghy
Father’s Hand — Todd Davis
The Cure, 1927, Ladysmith, Wisconsin — Diane Kerr
Some Kind Of Helen — Monica Berlin
Dumbcake — Alvin Knox


Altitudes, A Brief Taxonomy: Image, Diction, Rhetoric — Tony Hoagland
The Gray Motorola — Norbert Krapf


PI — Thomas Watson
Veterans — Jason Schossler


Mother Earth: Poems Of Growth In Fair Haven — Elizabeth Ellison
The Charm Of Imperfection — Mary Jane Schenk


Departure — Bradford Johnson
Four Freedoms Monument, Evansville, Indiana — Eric Braysmith
Take Off — Bradford Johnson
Nix’s Mate — Bradford Johnson
Dreamer — Carolyn Roth
Rose #1 — Janet L. Lindholm
Niche — Carolyn Roth
Polar Sub — Bradford Johnson
Vertical Shore — Bradford Johnson
Reprieve — Carolyn Roth
Out Board — Bradford Johnson
Strassenfest, Jasper Indiana — Eric Braysmith