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ACP: What Matters

In order in improve health outcomes in areas of need, the USI GWEP is initiating advance care planning (ACP) to support patients, regardless of stage of health, in understanding and sharing their personal values, life goals and preferences regarding future medical care. ACP education and certification is offered through a combination of two interactive programs: PREPARETM and Respecting Choices© First Steps©. This combination allows patients to initiate and engage in the ACP process on their own (using PREPARE) followed by a structured ACP conversation with a trained facilitator (using Respecting Choices), prior to a review by a medical professional within the patient’s clinical context.

Important ACP Information:

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Developed by Rebecca Sudore, MD, PREPARE For Your Care is a patient-directed, bi-lingual,interactive online ACP program that engages patients in the ACP process up to and possibly including completion of easy-to-read Advance Directives. The components of PREPARE are structured within the behavior change stage model (pre-contemplation to maintenance) to allow participants to engage in the program based ontheir level of ACP engagement. Using interactive short video scenarios as a primary engagement tool, PREPARE assists patients in deciding what matters most in life, choosing a healthcare representative(s), and provides guidance on sharing these decisions with others including health-related questions for their providers.

Respecting Choices First Steps is an internationally recognized, evidence-based model of advance care planning that honors an individual's goals and values for current and future healthcare. The Respecting Choices model focuses on facilitated ACP conversations. Similar to PREPARE, the components of the Respecting Choices program are structured to allow participants to engage in the program based at their level of ACP engagement and health status. Dr. Kevin Valadares has been a Respecting Choices instructor since 2015 and has trained over 200 individuals as ACP facilitators to facilitate ACP conversations with patients and their healthcare representatives. In the USI GWEP project, Dr. Valadares is training AAA case managers, physicians, medical residents and health professionals in the 12-county region as ACP First Steps© facilitators in order to provide guided conversations with patients who are ready to complete an advance directive.

Respecting Choices Course

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ACP and What Matters Most

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of reflection, planning and discussion of future medical care in the event you are unable to speak or make your own decisions.

Looking for Online Course Content?

The USI GWEP team developed an online course module to help undergraduate and graduate students build general knowledge about Advance Care Planning (ACP).

The module includes:

  • Multi-media tools for distance education
  • Lectures and videos by content experts
  • Recommended reading
  • Suggested homework assignments

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