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Absolutely! These workshops are provided at no cost to you and anyone in your household!

Yes! Our intention is to provide these learning opportunities as often as we can, right now we are offering these annually in the spring.

Some of the workshops are online and some in-person at the location stated in the description. You can register for the workshops by clicking the link at the top of the page.

No, you can attend one or all of them. It totally depends on your needs, a brief description of each workshop is on the sign-up page.

The workshops are interactive, so they are not recorded in order to preserve privacy of the attendees and encourage questions.    

TIAA Workshops

TIAA holds monthly webinars through its interactive site called the Virtual Environment. This innovative resource offers users 24/7 access to a wide range of articles, on-demand seminars, and live monthly seminars on a variety of essential financial topics.


Meet with a TIAA Representative: Visit Website or call 800-732-8353. 

INPRS SSA Workshops

The Indiana Public Retirement System hosts educational webinars each month.


Meet with an INPRS Representative: Visit Website or call 844-464-6777.

Planning for the future is important for you and your family. Ensure there is no confusion as to what your wishes are for your health and finances, by planning.

The University has a great fee waiver benefit to help with the expense of education for the employee’s dependent children. The fee waiver waives 75% of the applicable tuition and fees. For the rest, Indiana CollegeChoice529 plan is a great savings option.  

Outreach and Engagement offer personal finance classes under Personal Enrichment

Relieve stress and anxiety with group yoga or exercise classes at the Recreation and Fitness Center

Take advantage of USI's Time to Get Fit Program which allows you to use 1 hour of paid time per week devote to pre-approved fitness activities. This activity is subject to eligibility and approval. 

Sometimes financial emergencies happen and leave people broke with no way to pay for the necessities. The following is a list of resources from financial assistance, to food and clothing.  

Archie's Closet - Archibald Eagle's Food Closet is a service for all members of the USI community to promote the health and wellness of USI students and employees. Archie's closet is a place on campus where food and personal care items can be obtained by students or employees who may find themselves in need. All requests for assistance are confidential. 

Evansville Rescue Mission - The Evansville Rescue Mission provides, food, clothing, shelter, childcare and counseling. 

Christian Life Center - With the goal of moving individuals from a place of need to their potential, the Evansville Life Center helps with Food, Clothing, Shelter and more. 

HOPE of Evansville - First time home buyer Program, individual account development program, default/foreclosure counseling.

Community Action Program - A variety of home ownership programs directed at helping first time home buyers. Also energy assistance programs and summer cooling programs. 

Family and Social Services - Indiana Family Social Services Association Resource for local counties.

In today’s world, despite consumers realizing the need to become more vigilant in scrutinizing emails received from retailers or banks, an email that is not caught by a spam filter can cause a false sense of security, leading a person to believe it’s from a legitimate source. These emails then request more personal information or prompt the consumers to update their account, on a site set up by the hackers. Once they have passwords to bank accounts or retailers, they can clean out accounts or make fraudulent purchases. This practice is known as “spear-phishing.” 

If you are eligible for the University's Basic Life plan then You have access to ID Theft Protection benefits. Below are some guides to those benefits.

ID Theft - Protect Yourself

ID Protection - Fraud Alert

Regular FT employees with Sun Life coverage receive an emergency travel assistance program provided by Assist America.

This travel emergency assistance program immediately connects you to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other services if you experience a medical or non-medical emergency while traveling 100 miles away from your permanent residence, or in another country.

One simple phone call to Assist America will connect you to:

  • A state-of-the-art 24/7 Operations Center
  • Experienced, multilingual crisis management professionals
  • Worldwide emergency response capabilities
  • Air and ground ambulance service providers

For more information please see the flyer for services

Retirement & Financial Wellness Workshops

The University will host workshops to provide financial wellness and retirement education. No matter your career stage, we are confident the excellent group of presenters we have lined up will help you prepare for your financial future.

Take some time to review this website to learn about the workshops and register for the ones you want to attend. Be sure to work with your supervisor to clear any time away from your positions.

  • Just getting into the workforce or finding your stride? The check out the Navigating the Financial Markets, Mastering Your Finances: A Guide to Budgeting Success and/or Fine-tune Your Retirement Strategy
  • Nearing retirement? Then The USI retirement Offering, New to Medicare? What you need to know and/or Understanding Social Security workshops may be for you!
  • Are you a participant in PERF? Then without doubt learn more about PERF in PERF Workshop: Fundamentals of INPRS.
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Navigating the Financial Markets, Cynthia Henderson       

March 12, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. 

Hosted at University Center East 2217-2218

This session provides a review of the financial markets in 2023, an overview of the current state of the economy and the expectations for how financial markets might migrate in 2024 and beyond. The presentation aims to introduce attendees to the various nuances of investment landscapes. Topics include diversification benefits across various asset classes (stocks and bonds) as well as discuss the possible impact of the consumer, unemployment rates, inflation/interest rates and the presidential election on the financial markets.


About Cynthia Henderson

Fifth Third Bank, Vice President, Senior Institutional Portfolio Manager

Cynthia Henderson has more than 25 years of investment experience in advising and managing a wide range of discretionary portfolios for both for-profit and not-for-profit clients.  In this role, she develops investment policies and asset allocation strategies for institutional clients. Additionally, Cynthia provides thought leadership and education for client boards, committees, and staff. Prior to joining Fifth Third, she was a managing principal at Fund Evaluation Group, LLC, and a managing director at Quadrant – Family Wealth Advisors. She graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in both finance and accounting.


Fine-tune your retirement strategy, Chris Tedford

March 12, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. 

Hosted at University Center East 2217-2218

Tailored for USI employees, this session is specifically designed for individuals eager to enhance their knowledge about investing for retirement. Geared towards those seeking to move beyond the basics, the session delves into advanced strategies to fine-tune saving and investing approaches for retirement. The workshop helps empower participants with the tools and insights needed to build a more secure financial future. Whether attendees are looking to optimize their existing investment strategies or delve into more sophisticated approaches, this workshop is crafted to provide practical guidance and knowledge to support their long-term financial goals.


About Chris Tedford, CFP

TIAA Wealth Management, Wealth Management Advisor

At TIAA, Chris is a primary point of contact within the client relationship group who provides a broader range of financial solutions, personalized education and counseling that considers all the client's holdings and investments within TIAA, and any outside financial relationships. Sometimes a more complex and comprehensive process is necessary to help clients meet their financial goals. As a Financial Advisor for over 25 years, Chris emphasizes a qualitative and quantitative approach to Asset Allocation, Strategic Income Planning and Estate Planning.

Understanding Social Security, Charo Boyd

March 12, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. 

Hosted Virtually

This virtual session on Understanding Social Security is tailored for USI employees and their loved ones who plan to retire within the next 5-10 years, as well as individuals seeking insights into Social Security. Participants gain knowledge on the application process for Social Security Income, exploring the impact of age and wages on benefit amounts. The workshop covers key aspects such as the intersection of work and benefits, and it provides insights into survivor and disability benefits. Whether contemplating retirement or simply aiming to enhance their understanding of Social Security, attendees receive valuable information to make informed decisions about their future financial well-being.


About Charo Boyd

Social Security Administration, Public Affairs Specialist for Central & Southern Indiana

Charo Boyd is the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Public Affairs Specialist for Central and Southern Indiana. She is responsible for informing the public about SSA programs and benefits. Boyd is also the primary SSA media contact for television, radio and newspapers in the aforementioned area. She is often the guest speaker for retirement and disability seminars. She has trained HR Managers, Financial Planners, Tax Preparers, Social Workers, Case Managers, Disability Advocates and Attorneys on various topics.

Boyd has been employed with SSA since 2002. She began her career as a claims representative in the Downtown Indianapolis District SSA office. She has worked as an Insurance Specialist in all areas of the Title II Program (Medicare, Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Benefits).

Boyd has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Magna Cum Laude) and a master’s in guidance and counseling with a concentration in clinical and organizational counseling all from Tennessee State University.

Boyd received SSA’s Regional Communicator Award in 2010 and 2018. She also received Deputy Commissioner’s Citations in 2010, 2015 and 2018 from SSA’s Office of Communications.

Senior Connection

New to Medicare? What you need to know, Audrey Wallace

March 12, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. 

Hosted at University Center East 2217-2218

This presentation serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals embarking on their Medicare journey, welcoming those who are soon to start Medicare, those interested in understanding coverage options or attendees seeking information for their loved ones. The session covers essential aspects of starting Medicare, providing insights into the intricacies of the program. Whether attendees are navigating the process for themselves or someone close to them, the presentation offers the necessary knowledge and guidance to begin making informed decisions about Medicare coverage options.


About Audrey Wallace

Senior Connection, Agency Operations Manager

Audrey Wallace has been with Senior Connection for four years. When she first came to Senior Connection, her role with the company was a Medicare Sales Representative which allowed her to educate individuals on Medicare coverage options. She helped seniors find plans that best fit their needs and continued to provide service after enrollment. Currently, as the Agency Operations Manager, she supports day-to-day operations, the team and the mission in helping Medicare beneficiaries make confident insurance decisions and provide service to clients.

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The USI Retirement Offering, Wendy Seitz

March 12, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. 

Hosted at University Center East 2217-2218

This session is designed for eligible USI employees seeking insights into their retirement benefits, including medical, dental and life coverage. Participants will gain knowledge about USI's retirement policy offerings, eligibility criteria and the transition process from an active employee to retiree status. The workshop aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the available retirement benefits, empowering employees to navigate the transition effectively and make informed decisions about their retirement plans within USI.


About Wendy Seitz

University of Southern Indiana, Benefits Manager

Wendy Seitz brings over two decades of experience in Human Resources, demonstrating expertise in benefits administration. A proud alumna of the University of Southern Indiana, Wendy earned her bachelor’s degree in 2001 before furthering her academic pursuits and completing her master’s degree in 2019. As the Benefits Manager at USI, Wendy exemplifies her commitment to enhance the well-being of faculty and staff members through strategic benefits planning and implementation. Her depth of knowledge and hands-on approach make her an integral part of the University’s community, ensuring that employees receive comprehensive support in navigating their benefits packages.

UF Logo

Mastering Your Finances: A Guide to Budgeting Success, Chris Dunning                    

March 12, 2024 at 2:15 p.m. 

Hosted at University Center East 2217-2218

This session is designed to guide individuals, whether beginners or experienced budgeters, in creating and adhering to a budget. It begins by highlighting the significance of budgeting in promoting financial discipline and reducing stress. The content covers fundamental aspects such as setting financial goals, understanding income and expenses, and introduces various budgeting tools. Emphasizing the importance of regular tracking and monitoring, the presentation addresses challenges like unexpected expenses and behavioral changes. It provides practical tips for staying on track, including prioritizing needs, allocating for savings and creating an emergency fund. The session concludes by empowering participants with the knowledge that budgeting is a tool for financial control and encourages ongoing learning about personal finance. The presentation aims to be inclusive and beneficial to all individuals regardless of their budgeting experience.


About Chris Dunning

United Fidelity, First Vice President of Retail Administration

Chris Dunning is the First Vice President of Retail Administration managing the sales and operations of 17 banking centers. Chris joined United Fidelity Bank in 2020 with 29 years of banking experience. He started his career as a teller and subsequently served as a Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager and most recently as VP, Banking Center Manager for Old National Bank. He is the past President and current board member for both the Kiwanis Club of Evansville and PEACE Zone Inc. and is an Alumni of Leadership Evansville. Chris earned his degree from University of Southern Indiana in Business Administration.

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PERF Workshop: Fundamentals of INPRS, Michael Rust