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Candid Magazine is a student-run biannual publication focusing on art, fashion and editorial. This magazine gives students the opportunity to create content outside the classroom and focus on ideas and issues that interest them. Our students come from all parts of the university community and work together as a professional group to write stories, produce photo shoots, create interesting illustrations and artworks, and design dynamic layouts that compile this professional magazine.  

Pick up copies of Candid in the Arts Center in the second-floor hallway beside AC 242.

Faculty Advisor: Rob Dickes.

Candid Cover, photo of person with hands hooked over the logo.

Issue No. 5, Fall 2023

Editor-in-Chief Ashley Staib

Creative Director Mars Yates

Senior Photographer Zach Winger

Photographers Ripley Davoe, Drew Head, Cierra Fitzgerald

Senior Writer  Lexi Reed

Writers Emely Sandoval, Mars Yates, Oakland Jarboe, Maxwell Wheeler

Editors Solstice Sylla, Jennah Hottel

Senior Illustrator Kayla Allen

Illustrators Lucy Blair, Eli Fossett, Katherine Medina, Holly Karges, Kamryn Johnson, Karri Fox

Senior Designer Lily Hubbard

Designer  Zach Winger, Judah Henson, Ashley Staib

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Issue No. 4, Spring/Summer 2023

Editor-in-chief Ashley Staib

Creative Director Mars Yates

Faculty Advisor Rob Dickes

Illustrators Kayla Allen • Lucy Blair • Eli Fossett • Derek Helmer • Holly Karges • Al Sheets

Photographers Drew Head • Amanda Meuth • Zach Winger

Writers Madalyn Cottrell • Lexi Reed • Christian Ruth • Solstice Sylla • Mars Yates

Layout Ashley Staib • Lily Hubbard • Zach Winger

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Candid Cover. Drawing of seven people in a group
Candid Cover, photo of person and multiple hands framing the image.

Issue No. 3, Fall/Winter 2022

Editor-in-Chief Ashley Staib

Creative Director Nathaniel Tang

Junior Creative Director Mars Yates

Writing and Editing Lexy Reed, Eli Fossett, Ryleigh Miller, Madalyn Cottrell, Gloria Kim, Zoey Scates, Kaitlin Albrecht, Solstice Scylla

Photography Ethan Douglass, Max Prentice, Zach Winger, Emma Kurtz

Layout Designers Lily Hubbard, Alex York, Addison Kurtz, Lauren Valier

Illustration Lucy Blair, Al Sheets, Eli Fossett, Kayla Allen, Holly Karges

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Issue No. 2, Spring/Summer 2022

Editor-in-Chief Nathaniel Tang

Writers Christian Ruth, Kaos Sylla, Ereena Moore, Zoey Scates

Editors Dominic Szabo, Hannah Payne

Photographers Ethan Douglass, Amanda Meuth, Breanna Bailey, Madelyn Buehn

Illustrators Ashley Staib, Al Sheets, Spence Farmer

Layout Designers Maliah White, Jade Young

Social Media Lauren Pilkington

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Candid Cover. Drawing of seven people in a group
Candid Cover. Logo with nine different images of one person.

Issue No. 1, Fall/Winter 2021

Team 1 Photographer: Ethan Douglass; Stylist/Writer: Zoey Scates; Editing/Layout: Lily Hubbard.

Team 2 Photographer: Josh Meredith; Writer: Kaos Sylla; Editing/Layout: Lizzie Vanada; Assistant: Christian Ruth

Team 3 Photographer: Grace Kelly; Stylist/Photographer: Jordan Norris; Assistant: Bladen Allbright

Team 4 Photographers: Bailey Roby, Breanna Bailey; Graphic Designer: Ashley Staib; Writer: Ereena Moore; Editing/Layout: Jade Young

Team 5 Editor-in-Chief: Nathaniel Tang; Social Media: Lauren Pilkington; Marketing: Annalise Snyder; Finance/Accounting: Madelyn Buehn

Team 6 Photographer: Laisha Diaz; Editing/Layout: Maliah White; Graphic Designer: Kara Jenson

View the Issue (as pdf)