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The Composition Program at USI is composed of three main courses, English 100, English 101, and English 201 (ENG 101 and ENG 201 fulfill two of the University Core 39 requirements for undergraduate degrees). The goal of the Composition program for students is to be able to develop their own ideas in writing after reading and comprehending the ideas of others. It seeks to transition the student’s critical thinking and communication skills from high school level effectiveness to college level effectiveness. English 100 does not count towards the student’s University Core 39 requirements. However it does prepare the student for a higher degree of success in the following two courses in the program and in their academic career at the university level. In English 101, students refine their writing skills, learning basic organization and content components of academic writing and in English 201, students continue to refine these writing skills with an added emphasis in research and critical thinking.

The Composition Program has also provided a complete, detailed list of program objectives for the convenience of the student and course descriptions can be found by visiting USI’s online academic bulletin.


While ENG 101 and ENG 201 are required credits for graduation, student may fulfill these credits in ways other than attending these classes on USI’s campus. Transfer students or students who in enrolled in AP or dual-credit courses in high school may already have taken the equivalent of these courses. Placement criteria for credit transfer has been developed to ensure that those deserving of this credit for ENG 101 and ENG 201 will be informed of their advanced placement in the Composition Program before enrolling in these courses at USI.


During the completion of these requirements on the USI campus, students have access to two major academic resources to ensure that they receive any needed help in succeeding in the Composition Program. The Writers Room is an extension of Academic Skills, both located on the first floor of the Education Building, and is available to students in any course where writing may be used, and most certainly an advised resource for students in the Composition Program. The Writer’s Room can help students with grammar, organization, and content development in their papers. 

Outstanding composition students have an opportunity to be awarded for achievement through scholarship. Students in ENG 101 may receive the English 101 Portfolio Award through selection by program faculty. 

The Composition Program understands that as student and instructor both seek success in the classroom, there may be misunderstandings. If a student feels that a problem needs to be addressed, they may start the grievance process, per department grievance protocol