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Geriatric Simulation Kits

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The GWEP has purchased kits to simulate the following:

    • age-related hearing impairment
    • geriatric medication management
    • hemiplegia
    • arthritis
    • tremors
    • geriatric eye disorders

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The USI Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) has the following simulations available:

Dementia Live

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Dementia Live offers a unique inside-out understanding of dementia and aging for direct care workers as well as family caregivers. This innovative program will enlighten you with a heightened awareness of the challenges faced by those who live with dementia. This experience takes about 30 minutes. It is offered at no charge to participants by the USI GWEP program.

Upcoming Dementia Live Sessions:

Dementia Live sessions are also available upon request


The Opal simulation is for Occupational Therapist, Gerontology/LTC Administrator, and Social Work students. Opal is a 78-year-old female who recently moved into an assisted living memory care facility, named the Minka House. Opal has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. She is currently in quarantine after a COVID exposure. She has regularly scheduled zoom Occupational Therapy appointments. After Opal’s OT appointment, Opal will also meet with the administrator of Minka House and a social worker. Opal is frustrated over the music she is hearing and has a fixation, common for those with dementia, on it changing. This is happening during what should be a routine visit with OT. The technology integrated in the simulation, includes an Alexa playing the music Opal doesn’t enjoy, and Vivify, remote patient monitoring system.

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The Betty simulation is an Occupational Therapy synthesis for primarily OT students as well as Gerontology students and Nursing students. The setting is on the deck of the Minka house to represent an older person living in place. Betty is recovering from a hip fracture and may have early-stage dementia. OT is working to engage their client in a purposeful gardening activity in their home environment as well as examine a person with dementia’s mood when doing this activity. This requires a nurse consultation with a physician to get the activity approved for Betty. The setting is outside on the Minka deck with patio furniture and garden boxes to replicate a home environment. In addition, technology is integrated in the simulation, including a robot weeder (Tertill) for weeding and an Alexa for listening to music or encouraging words. The learner tasks from the disciplines include:

        • Assess Betty’s medical symptoms (nursing)
        • Consult whether Betty can go outside and do gardening (OT follow up with nurse who has a private conversation with physician)
        • OT engages Betty in a gardening activity and also mentions Betty is a good candidate for assistant living (Gerontology/Administrator visits for an assessment)

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The Taylor simulation is to teach nursing students as well as health services and gerontology students how to use the TytoHome device. Taylor is visiting a clinic in rural southern Illinois. During this visit, the patient is scheduled to connect with a provider (Deaconess) in Evansville through telehealth. To do this, a nurse, who is with the patient in southern Illinois, will host the visit. The nurse will follow the directions of the provider (Deaconess) in Evansville by pulling the correct equipment necessary for the requested assessment and following the instructions of the provider. The learner tasks from the disciplines include:

        • Conduct assessments appropriate for care of patient in organized and systematic manner
        • Ensure comfort and privacy of patient during physical examination
        • Communicate with patient and family in a manner that illustrates caring, reflects cultural awareness, and addresses psychosocial needs
        • Practice within nursing scope of practice
        • Become familiar with key points to completing a successful telehealth exam, including stethoscope, heart and lung auscultation, camera for edema assessment

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Quinn: Respecting Choices Simulation

The USI GWEP worked with a Respecting Choices consultant to develop an interprofessional clinical simulation to provide Advance Care Planning (ACP) training. The ACP simulation offers a patient-centered interdisciplinary student experience integrating medicine, nursing and social work disciplines. 

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