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Currently Accepting Applications for CAT Certificate - Spring 2024

 Spring II: Apply by 3/4/2024 

Foster an Inclusive Work Environment with Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) Workshops

The Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) certificate provides the necessary skills to build an effective workforce in increasingly global and diverse professional settings.

The program draws on the idea that a global and multifaceted workforce offers new perspectives, creative problem-solving skills and innovation in the workplace and the community-at-large.

It gives rising leaders new perspectives on how they view the world in order to create an inclusive and productive work environment. Graduates prepare a portfolio to conduct on-site training workshops. [Note: This certification can be completed at the undergraduate (WLC 422) OR graduate level (WLC 522).]

In Spring 2023, the CAT course (WLC 522) will be offered in biterm II (March 10- May 1) as an accelerated, 7 week online synchronous course. 

If you are an undergraduate who has not completed your bachelor’s degree, visit the undergraduate CAT page for more information.

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The 6 credit Graduate Cultural Awareness Training certification consists of:

  • Successful completion of WLC 522 (Cultural Awareness Training) with a grade of B or better. This 3-credit course is offered during the spring semester.


  • Successful completion of one of the following 3-credit electives with a grade of B or better:
COMM 615 Communication and Popular Culture
COMM 616 Seminar in Personal and Cultural Identity
COMM 620 Special Topics in Organizational Communication
EDUC 604 Equity in Education or Exploration of Educational Communities


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How to Enroll

  • Current MASPC students can enroll in WLC 522 (CAT Certification). These 3 credits count towards the 30 credits of their master’s degree.
  • Non-degree seeking students and working professionals with an undergraduate degree need the following: