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UMR HSA: This plan is designed to promote wellness and provide consumer tools that empower employees to take control of their health, as well as the dollars spent on healthcare. The UMR HSA plan assists in improving and maintaining your health. 

USI contributes to the HSA both seed money ($282 Single, $564 Family) and per-pay ($39 Single, $78 Family); Employees may also make pre-tax contributions. HSA account balances roll over each year.

Use or to find the best prices on prescriptions.

2024 Rates - Salary below $41,000

Bi-Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Employee  $29.02  $58.04
Employee + spouse  $63.93  $127.86
Employee + child(ren)  $48.16  $96.32
Family  $79.62  $159.24

2024 Rates - Salary $41,000 and above

Bi-Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Employee  $38.60  $77.20
Employee + spouse  $85.05  $170.10
Employee + child(ren)  $64.06  $128.12
Family  $105.92  $211.84

For a directory of providers near you visit: 

Click on “find a network”, “Medical Directory” “Employer and Individual plans” and then choose the Choice Plus network.

UnitedHealthcare has the largest proprietary provider network with over 1.2 million providers, over 5,400 hospitals, and 2,300 convenient care clinics. 

Anthem provides a great benefit for USI employees and family members that elect the plan, see the Summary Plan (coming soon) for more details. 

Members can login at 

Prescription coverage for this plan is through CVS Caremark and Prescription information will be included on your UMR Health Insurance ID. 

Register online at 

Contact by phone at 844-259-1254

Once you are enrolled you will receive an ID Card from UMR within 10-14 business days. If you need a card sooner you can register for the UMR Account and see your card there. 

Create your UMR account at 

Click "Sign in"

Click "Create your account"

If you stay on this plan past 65, you will need to decline Medicare Part A and  Medicare Part B. Members cannot be on Medicare and contribute to an HSA.  

This plan is considered a credible plan by Medicare, so when you or your dependent are eligible for Medicare, you can decline the coverage and then when your coverage with the University or any credible plan ends a Special enrollment period will open to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B.

You will need a form from the plan sponsor, for example if you are on this plan and retire are 66, USI will complete the form for you.   

More information: