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6 total credits

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Prepare Yourself to Conduct Cultural Awareness Training in Any Setting With the University of Southern Indiana’s Certificate

A multifaceted, global workforce can offer new perspectives, creative problem-solving skills and innovation in the workplace and the community at large. Help build cohesive communities that are prepared for increasingly global and diverse environments through the University of Southern Indiana’s cultural awareness training (CAT) certification program.

At USI, we know that workplace cultural awareness programs can take many forms and involve various educational aspects — cultural sensitivity training, unconscious bias training and diversity, equity and inclusion training. Through our extensive program, you’ll develop a professional portfolio for on-site training and gain essential knowledge and skills to mediate cultural conflict and diversity issues.

When you complete our workplace cultural awareness training certification, you will have valuable concrete tools and techniques to help change the world around you.

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What Can You Do With USI’s Cultural Awareness Training Certification?

Do you want to use unconscious bias training to reduce the chances that preconceived notions will impact decisions? Are you wanting to use diversity, equity and inclusion training to build a safer and more equitable work environment? Or are you wanting to use cultural sensitivity training to prevent discrimination, harassment and other misconduct?

At USI, our cultural awareness training certificate program will help you to promote a more effective and harmonious work environment. You will also help your business, school or organization be more successful in the marketplace by implementing these workplace cultural awareness sessions.

Our graduates — who are now leading and supporting various cultural sensitivity trainings, unconscious bias trainings and diversity, equity and inclusion trainings — are now working as:

  • School administrators
  • World language and culture educators
  • English language learning specialists (ESL)
  • Study abroad coordinators
  • Cultural sustainability specialists
  • Directors of diversity
  • Directors of university multicultural centers
  • Directors of international programs
  • Cultural sustainability specialists
  • Development coordinators at NGO and nonprofits
  • Refugee resettlement case managers
  • Immigration outreach coordinators
  • Community health workers
  • Prevention educators and facilitators
  • Directors and managers of human resources
  • Program directors, managers and specialists

Create your own workshop portfolio

During your cross-cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness trainings, you’ll not only increase your own cultural competencies, but you will also be prepared to conduct workshops. Your workshop will be beneficial in educational, business, industrial and government settings.

You’ll gain confidence and necessary skills as you work with our experienced and dedicated faculty with PhDs and a diverse range of experiences leading training in industry and government settings, both at home and abroad. Our faculty will mentor you as you develop your cross-cultural sensitivity and workplace cultural awareness programs, giving you feedback that will help you hone your portfolio for real-world applications.

Small classes that allow you to follow your passion

In USI’s cultural awareness training course, you’ll interact closely with faculty and peers — our student-to-teacher ratio is 15:1. Our knowledgeable faculty will guide you as you learn, grow and create.

The cultural awareness training certificate consists of two courses. The first is the required Cultural Awareness Training course. Then you have the option to choose an approved elective to complete your certification. The electives include:

  • Seminar in Personal and Cultural Identity
  • Special Topics in Organizational Communication
  • Equity in Education

With these options, you can customize your certification to best match your needs to implement and support cultural sensitivity trainings, unconscious bias trainings or diversity equity, and inclusion trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful completion of WLC 522 (Cultural Awareness Training) with a grade of B or better. This 3-credit course is offered during the spring semester.


Successful completion of one of the following 3-credit electives with a grade of B or better:

COMM 615 Communication and Popular Culture
COMM 616 Seminar in Personal and Cultural Identity
COMM 620 Special Topics in Organizational Communication
EDUC 604 Equity in Education or Exploration of Educational Communities
  • Current MASPC students can enroll in WLC 522 (CAT Certification). These 3 credits count towards the 30 credits of their master’s degree.
  • Non-degree seeking students and working professionals with an undergraduate degree need the following:


Dr. Michael Sullivan, USI CAT Certificate, 2022

Assistant Superintendent, Avon Community School Corporation

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