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Alumni Spotlight

Meet Allie Ennis, 
Neonatal Dietitian, Ascension St Vincent - Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

USI Degree: Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition - Dietetics in 2015

Currently lives in: Evansville, Indiana

What is your current occupation?
I work for Ascension St. Vincent (Peyton Manning Children's Hospital) with a wonderful medical team at their 100 bed level IV NICU as a Neonatal dietitian.

What brought you to USI?
I transferred to USI in undergrad because it offered more of a community environment with a close knit student body and dietetic program. The quality of the science programs was well known in Southern Indiana, so I knew I could get a good start at USI.

Please tell us how the College of Nursing and Health Professions prepared you for your career.
I feel USI gave me an advantage by offering rigorous science coursework, a good variety of electives to gain more knowledge in areas of interest, and the coursework was highly relevant to the ever-changing nature of our practice! Licensure, malnutrition, NFPE, and sustainability were taught in-depth despite being very new to dietetics when I was in school. Now I feel like these are major themes in the dietetic field! 

Were you in any clubs, organizations, athletics?
I was not formally a part of any groups through USI, but I was with classmates often for study groups and often used the recreation center on campus.

What has been your favorite memory of your time at USI?
I'll never forget the silly mnemonics about celebrity dating trends some of my classmates would make up to memorize o-chem (organic chemistry) material!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of coming to USI?
I'd say go for it! Every college campus offers a unique experience. You'll never know what the exact right choice is when you're searching for a school unless you've already been enrolled or experienced a few campuses. I think each school offers pros and cons. But what really makes your time great in college is how you get involved and what you make of your experience. USI is a strong school that will offer you a great social experience, with tight knit class groups and friends. The courses and professors will prepare you for the real world. It's a big bonus that there is a lot of freedom here to explore what's available (academically and socially) or even create your own path! You don't get that as often as bigger schools. USI is the perfect size to offer the best of both worlds, and for a good price, too!