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Each spring, the College of Liberal Arts engages a speaker for the Distinguished Scholars presentation aimed at drawing attention to one or more of the disciplines within the liberal arts, to appeal to the general public and to faculty and students by illustrating high intellectual achievement. Programs are of general humanistic appeal with interdisciplinary topics. The speaker is asked to make one public presentation and one presentation to students.

Upcoming Presentation

George Ironstrack, Myaamia Center DirectorNeepwaantiinki 'Partners in Learning' - the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University

April 19, 2023
2 p.m. | Kleymeyer Hall

Neepwaantiinki - partners in learning - is the Myaamia word used to describe the unique, reciprocal relationship between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. This partnership is expressed through a shared commitment to neepwaantiinki, learning from each other, which has played a key role in the Miami Tribe's language revitalization efforts and has led to the first generation in nearly 100 years learning to speak the Myaamia language.

Learn more about the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma at

About our presenter:

George Ironstrack has participated in Myaamia language renewal projects as both a student and a teacher since the mid-1990s.

Originally from Chicago, George, Tamise, and their children Kai, Mirin, and Jordi all make their home in Oxford, OH. George is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and has assisted in the organization and administration of the Tribe’s Eewansaapita Summer Educational Experience since its inception in 2005.

George received an M.A. in Origins and History of the United States from the Department of History at Miami University. His graduate work centered on the Miami Indian village of Pickawillany, which was located in western Ohio near the city of Piqua.

George continues to regularly research and write about Myaamia history. Examples of his work can be found on the Myaamia Community History and Ecology Blog: Aacimotaatiiyankwi. As both a tribal educator and a former public school teacher, George is also interested in the study of indigenous pedagogical practices and specifically Myaamia Neepwaantiinki (Miami Education).

Series Coordinator

Getting here

Kleymeyer Hall is located in the lower level of the Liberal Arts Center, next to the McCutchan Art Gallery, on the west side of the campus.

Past Presentations


Marisa Kwiatkowski and Tim Evans will discuss the USA Gymnastics’ sexual abuse scandal, including how they exposed Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse and USA Gymnastics’ negligence in failing to protect its gymnasts from a serial sexual predator.

Presentation: "An Evening with Marisa Kwiatkowski and Tim Evans - Reporters Who Helped Expose Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics." See the presentation.


Dr. Alida Merlo from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Presentation: "Criminal Justice Policy Reform: How the Court Transformed Juvenile Justice"

2014-2015 Dr. Sean Safforddirector of the Master of Public Affairs Program and associate professor of economic sociology at Sciences Po in Paris
2013-2014 Dr. John Corvino, chair of the Philosophy Department at Wayne State University
2012-2013 Terry Schreiber, director of Tony-nominated play K2, The Trip Back Down on Broadway
2011-2012 Dr. W. Robert Connor, Senior Advisor, The Teagle Foundation
2010-2011 Barbara Rosenwein, Professor of History at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois
2009-2010 Alan Cheuse, National Public Radio’s “Voice of Books” and professor of English at George Mason University, teaching in their Creative Writing Program
2008-2009 Dr. Roy F. Fox, Professor of English Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia
2007-2008 John David Mooney, an artist, who is the founder and artistic director of the John David Mooney Foundation
2006-2007 Dr. S. Ravi Rajan, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Provost of College Eight at the University of California, Santa Cruz
2005-2006 Dr. Nancy Tuana, Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, Penn State University
2004-2005 Dr. Alan Dawley, Professor of History at the College of New Jersey
2003-2004 Dr. Wolfgang Mieder, professor of German and Folklore at the University of Vermont
2002-2003 Dr. Judy C. Pearson, professor of communication, director of the doctoral program, and associate dean of the college of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at North Dakota State University
2001-2002 E. Ethelbert Miller, Poet and Humanities Lecturer
2000-2001 E. Mark Cummings, Notre Dame
1999-2000 Judy Chicago, Feminist, Artist
1998-1999 William Corsaro, IU Sociologist
1997-1998 Francis Fukuyama, George Mason U. Political Scientist
1994-1995 Jonathan Brown, Historian at the U. of Texas
1993-1994 Uwe Timm, German author and Screenwriter
1991-1992 Tony Jones, School of the Chicago Art Institute
1990-1991 Dale Van Etta, Investigative Reporter
1989-1990 Nikki Giovanni, Poet
1988-1989 Richard Cohen, Columnist
1987-1988 Allan Bloom, Philosopher
1986-1987 Karl Haas, Musician, Broadcaster
1985-1986 John Ciardi, Poet