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Lawrence Library is temporarily closed while acting as Digitization Hub

In support of the mission of the University Art Collections, artworks and artifacts in the collections are being digitized. Digitization aids in preservation efforts and allows art objects to be accessible virtually for research and review. The Lawrence Library is temporarily closed while acting as the Digitization Hub where students are assessing and photographing collection objects for this significant project.

Contact Susan Colaricci Sauls, Director of University Art Collections, if you would like access to the collection.

About the John M. Lawrence '73 Library

The John M. Lawrence ’73 Library exists to educate and inspire the members of the University community and the surrounding region through exhibition, research, and preservation of its collections of historical and artistic manuscripts and artifacts.

The concept for the Lawrence Library sprang from the friendship of Patricia (Patty) Aakhus and John M. Lawrence. The Library is named for Lawrence, a graduate of USI’s class of 1973 and an international expert and collector of medieval manuscripts, for his generous support of the College of Liberal Arts. John Lawrence donated many items to the Library, including a collection of medieval manuscripts as well as other artifacts, for use as a study collection for students. Patty Aakhus was an associate professor of English and served as the director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and program director in International Studies. Aakhus also published three novels based on medieval texts that she studied and translated prior to her death in 2012.

Using the John M. Lawrence '73 Library

Open to the public by appointment. Contact Susan Colaricci Sauls for more information. 

For Students. Investigate the collections for Honors research, colloquium presentations, and research project topics.

For Faculty. Here is how faculty have used the collections.

  • ARTH 323 Greek Art group projects research on the history, iconography, and artistic process to produce the exhibit about the University’s Hellenistic Greek Krater, dated around 350 BCE.
  • SPAN 290x Sights and Sounds of Spain visits exhibit “Goya: A Cultural Commentary” to discuss the period of Spanish history depicted in the 18th century artwork.
  • ART 361 Printmaking visits exhibits featuring examples of what they are learning in the studio.
  • ARTH 378 History of Graphic Design views medieval manuscripts to experience what they are learning in class.
  • FREN 490 French Women Writers were reading a work that referenced a quipu, a recording device used by ancient civilizations, and viewed the quipu in the collection.

Find The Lawrence Library

The John M. Lawrence '73 Library is located in LA 0119.

Pedestrians may enter the John M. Lawrence '73 Library from the main level or the lower level of the Liberal Arts Center. 

Find parking locations in the interactive map links to the left.