University of Southern Indiana

Past Alumni in Residence

2011-2012 Jessica Jones, manager of the River City Food Co-op
2009-2010 Eric A. Adams, a 1986 graduate of Chemistry with a minor in German, is Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of enGene, Inc.
2008-2009 Jon Carl, a 1995 graduate of social science in secondary education and a 1998 graduate of master of science in education, is a history teacher at Reitz High School
2007-2008 Nathan Fry, 2000 graduate with a BS in English and a minor in Business Administration
2006-2007 Kim Kurdelak, a USI graduate of art, employed as Creative Director at Promar, a graphic design agency in San Diego, California and maintains a fine art practice in her home studio.
2004-2005 Brad Ellsworth, 1981 graduate of sociology, Vanderburgh County Sheriff, "From College Classroom to top Cop"
2000-2001 Corliss Chastain, a 1978 USI graduate
1999-2000 Michelle Thompson, 1998 graduate, social studies teacher at Southridge Middle School in Huntingburg, a nominee for the 1999 Disney American Teacher Award, "I'm not Einstein but some days I look like him"
1998-1999 Louis Haas, a 1980 ISUE (USI) history graduate

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