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All Master of Science in Education programs address learning outcomes in the areas of advanced instruction, curriculum theory, human development, and social foundations appropriate for the specific emphasis. Graduates of the Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Secondary Mathematics Teaching will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the varied dimensions of the relationship between schools and their surrounding community, as well as the ability to use that understanding to ensure equitable and respectful treatment of all stakeholders and develop and implement a collaboratively developed mission and vision for a school;
  • critically evaluate research on educational issues such as pedagogical practices, student learning, and educational polices and engage in action research to advance student learning;
  • apply theories and best practices of curriculum, instruction, and assessment relevant to their roles in education;
  • engage in reflection and critical inquiry to explore educational issues related to curriculum and instruction;
  • demonstrate knowledge of advanced mathematics in the areas of mathematics typically taught in grades 9-12; and,
  • apply mathematics processes in their own learning of advanced mathematics.

The Master of Science in Education degree program with an emphasis in Secondary Mathematics Teaching is designed to enhance the content knowledge and skills of licensed, practicing secondary mathematics teachers. Eighteen credit hours in mathematics classes enables graduates of the program to teach dual-credit mathematics courses in Indiana high schools and to teach mathematics at some higher education institutions. 

Program Curriculum - 33 Credit Hours

Mathematics Courses (18 credit hours)

Choose 6 of the following seven courses:

  • MATH 603 - Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
  • MATH 604 - Fundamental Concepts of Geometry 
  • MATH 605 - Problem Solving in Mathematics 
  • MATH 611 - Introduction to Analysis for Secondary Teachers 
  • MATH 621 - Technology for Teaching Mathematics 
  • MATH 641 - Number Theory & Applications 
  • STAT 638 - Fundamental Models in Statistical Inference 

All courses listed are three (3) credit hours.

Education Electives (6 credit hours)

Choose 2 of the following courses:

  • EDUC 604 - Equity Education 
  • EDUC 651 - Instructional Internship 
  • EDUC 681 - Foundations of Community-Based Education 
  • EDUC 684 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Education 

All courses listed are three (3) credit hours.

Research Sequence (9 credit hours)

All MSE students must complete the research sequence requirement – 9 hours. (Note these courses must be taken at USI. Transfer courses will not be accepted for the research sequence.)

  • EDUC 601 - Research in Education (3 credit hours)
  • EDUC 699 - Supervised Research (1-3 credit hours)
  • NOTE: 6 credits of EDUC 699 are required, taken twice for 3 credits each.

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USI also offers the New Experiences for Instructors of Dual Enrollment (NExIDE) program.

The purpose of the NExIDE Scholarship program is to provide financial support and incentives to eligible Indiana public high school mathematics teachers who teach or plan to teach dual credit mathematics. Based on expectations from the Higher Learning Commission, college faculty are required to have completed a master’s degree in their discipline or to have completed a master’s degree in another field with 18 hours of graduate credit in their discipline. This requirement includes dual credit teachers who teach college classes in the high school setting.

The program is funded through a STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund grant administered by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

For more information, please visit the NExIDE Scholarship homepage


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