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Advanced Technical Writing is designed for technical writers, both new and experienced, who want to empower their skills to communicate more effectively using the tools of their craft.  This course will focus on how to break down complex ideas into easy-to-understand explanations for readers with little to no prior knowledge of the topic. We’ll uncover processes for adapting messages to audiences and improving the readability of documents.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze readers and/or situations to prepare for writing a proposal, report, or guide.

  • Adapt messages for your selected audience with a focus on the different channels of communication, primary and secondary research, and methods for assessing validity of sources.

  • Determine how to achieve clarity in technical communication and identify best patterns of organization for the document type, purpose, and audience.

  • Sequence steps of writing tasks for maximum productivity and quality.

Course Overview

I.  Planning Stage

  • Purpose of document types: Defining goals and outcomes
  • Analyzing audience to adapt message to their needs and the situation

II.  Draft Stage

  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Outlining – your document’s blueprint

III.  Revising Stage

  • Employing transitional devices to keep the reader engaged in the document’s flow
  • Checking for appropriate tone and words/phrases for inclusive language and active verbs and active voice for writing that is more concise, lively, and readable

 IV. Proofreading Stage

  • Proofreading techniques
  • Correcting grammar/stylistic errors


This program can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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