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Using the Harvard Business Review Project Management handbook, this session provides you with an overview of the fundamentals of project management. The intent of this program is to help you gain the confidence and tools you need to manage projects effectively.  Project management is one of the fastest growing occupations there is today.  If you are new to this field and believe it might offer potential career opportunities, you are right!  Whether you work in IT and are part of an Agile team, or in Predictive project management, this short overview will explain how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  It will enhance your overall understanding of project management practices and your capability to support or lead projects.

Learning objectives:  The overview will cover Planning, Build-up, Implementation and Close-out of projects, describing best practices for:

  • Choosing the right team and keeping it humming
  • Avoiding scope creep
  • Zeroing in on critical tasks and mapping out a logical sequence
  • Making heads or tails of Gantt or PERT charts
  • Getting disruptive team members on board
  • Keeping stakeholders in the loop
  • Gauging your project's success
  • Deciding when to cut bait
  • Capturing - and using - lessons learned

Our instructor is a retired project manager who has been teaching a variety of project management courses to professionals seeking to enhance their careers.  With decades of project management experience in the US and international projects, in public and private sectors, large and small projects in a variety of industries, he will be sharing his experiences of what worked and what didn't, and why.

Please contact Paula or Lesley for more information or to customize this course to best fit the specific needs of your company or organization.

Whether it is shortening a training to fit in one day, increasing the curriculum to cover several classes, or changing the location of the training from here at USI to your location, we have the training you are looking for to grow your business.

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